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Tuesday, August 14th, 2018

Don’t Taze Me Bro: The Phillies Edition


It seems chunky security guards are tired of whiffing on those speedy field trespassers. Since they aren’t good at tackling they’ve taken to a new method of subduing those rascally fans: The Taser

h/t: X 107.5 Las Vegas

  • http://www.i94sports.com Rex

    I love it. I find it just as amusing as the next guy when some dude wiggles through chunky security guards on the field, but tazing a guy might be even funnier.

    That’s pure entertainment.

  • http://www.lostlettermen.com Lost Lettermen

    Hilarious video! That’s a way to take a man down!

  • Louis Senerson

    This person could have a hidden weapon (knife) and attacked any player on the field. Then what would his father complain about? Wise up.

  • http://Resume2job.com Mike

    Absolutely ridiculous that this 17 year old boy was tasered. Being forcefully taken to the ground, arrested, or fined is what you would expect, but tasered? People have died from being tasered and those incidents are well documented. If this boy died from being tasered, it would be a completely different story. I bet you wouldn’t see these dumb athletes on Espn saying he deserved it.

  • Fooksdaddy

    Better then the linebacker who straight leveled the guy a few years back in the NFL.

  • Tyler

    If it were me in a situation where I might get tazed, and it were premeditated, I would be smart and wear motorcycle jacket and chaps, and run several yards in front of the guard, laughing as he wondered why his taser wasn’t affecting me.

  • Tyler

    Sorry, a leather* motorcycle jacket and chaps

  • swatz

    WHINE CRY. .people die from tazers.. .
    You know which people DON”T DIE from tazer, those that don’t do STUPID crap to get tased. I use to street race a hotrod, got pulled over all the time. never got tazed. Been asked to leave places, never got tazed. I see stupid people get tazed and I laugh.

    If this guy had hurt someone, you’d be like WHY didn’t they tase him. :)
    My advice, don’t do shit you’re not suppose to do, don’t be an ass to a cop when he’s stopping you for something YOU did, and maybe you won’t get Tazed.

    I live in a state that’s gun friendly. Don’t jump my fence in the middle of the night, cause I don’t taze.

  • swatz

    If you notice the guard has something else on his hip. Everyone complaining about the tazer, should realize, he went with the nice option. As far as I’m concerned, you jump on the field YOU KNOW YOU”RE NOT SUPPOSE TO BE ON, you’re a threat to those players, they have to stop you. He could choose either for all I care.

    The pic is pretty good though, the chunky guard looks like he’s hurt’in and huff’in, while the skinny kid is taking a stroll and winking at the ladies.

    hehe I bet it was worth it. tasing only hurts for a sec, and you’re fine. If you have a bad heart, I don’t suggest doing stupid shit like this, leave it to the kids.

  • http://www.kindnessinc.org/ James

    I am big football aficionado. Trespassing the field for the love of the game and players is absolutely worth the risk and the scolding. It feels great to stand in the middle of the stadium. I tried it when I was 15. Nothing beats that moment till date.

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