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Tuesday, August 14th, 2018

I know it’s hard to believe. A corporate suit telling an out and out lie? To someone’s face? Sorry dear reader. It is true. From the Trib: Cubs Chairman Crane Kenney met with Cincinnati manager Dusty Baker in the visiting clubhouse before Wednesday’s game. In their meeting, Kenney denied telling an audience at last January’s […]

…Apparently Dusty would like to again manage Kerry Wood. “We have a closer already in [Francisco] Cordero, who we have under contract for a few more years,” Baker said Monday. “But somebody can use Kerry Wood. I am going to call him. I like Kerry Wood as a person, not just as a ballplayer, but […]

It’s not just me. Dunn and Dunner reports the following, after Dusty Baker chose to bat Jay Bruce leadoff. “Boy, Jerry was doing a hell of a job,” Baker said. “I’m going to have to get Corey (Patterson) in there sometime because he’s starting to swing the bat good again. Made some adjustments. We’ll see.” […]

Haven’t really talked much about the interesting dynamic in Cincy. With Walt Jocketty assuming the role of GM, I wonder: Does he even like having Dusty as a manager? Having been in STL when Dusty was here in Chicago, you’d think Jocketty knows that Dusty isn’t a big fan of the young dudes and that […]

Dusty is already getting grief in Cincy. First there was the Edwin Encarnacion missed bunts then 3-run homer to win the game. Now over at Bugs and Cranks we read about this: I am confused at Dusty Baker’s decision to let him hit in the 7th and, because they lost, I don’t feel as happy […]

Here’s what they are writing about Dusty’s glorious return to the bench: Bugs & Cranks: As a public service to the fine residents of Cincinnati, here’s a few quick suggestions on how to prepare for Dusty Baker. Buy stock in toothpicks. Trade Adam Dunn…y’know since “walks clog the bases” Trade Homer Bailey. Get some value […]

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