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Wednesday, June 20th, 2018



I thought of “This Boy’s Life” this morning. I was reading the paper and thought of Bobby De Niro’s great character in that film. That was when De Niro still made good movies. Quick–name the last above-average film he has been in. Anyway, “A leopard never changes its spots.”, he would say to Leo DiCaprio. At times he would just call him “Leopard”. Reading the following made me think of it. Dusty is the leopard.

Carlos Zambrano said he had a “heavy” arm while throwing in his last start, but Baker said he won’t be babying his pitcher in his start against Cleveland on Wednesday.

“I expect him to be Carlos,” Baker said. “I don’t ever want him to go 120 [pitches], but a lot of times it depends on the game and how he feels. Hopefully, if he cuts down his pitches early it gets him to the 120 [pitch] position.”

Read: and if he doesn’t he’ll probably throw 125. Isn’t this part of the reason you can Baker? A lame duck manager trying anything to win games with a team that has no shot of postseason play?

But I heard a good point on sports radio yesterday. Jim Hendry has painted himself into a corner by saying he would give Baker a shot with a healthy squad before any move is made. Miller is supposed to be back soon, Prior is sort of back and DLee is taking BP. So look for Dusty to be here through the ASB, if not longer.

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    Gorf. Now that’s LOL. How about Wizard of Wor?

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