Sunday, October 4th, 2015

Eric Hinske’s Massive Back Tattoo


Here in Chicago we’ve long known that when players leave and go on to other cities and other teams, it’s usually to do something good. And then we complain about getting rid of said player on sports radios and blogs.

Eric Hinske is one of those guys. Hinske was another in a long list of Cubs prospects that never really got a chance here. He was traded for Miguel Cairo (Nice!) and went on to win Rookie of the Year in 2002. He’s also been to 3 World Series and won twice. He’s built a decent career, as well as an enormous tattoo on his back.

Gives a whole new meaning to going on to bigger things, but still qualifies. It’s a very cool design, but really — Banana Republic underwear?

h/t: AJC

  • Lakawak

    Kinda funny that someone who writes for a crappy blog (at least until it goes under in less than a year and you re then on welfare) would mock someone for their brand of underwear.

  • Jared Lorz

    Another idiot with idiotic tattoos.

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