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Tuesday, July 17th, 2018



David Haugh’s excellent “Tuesday’s Two-Minute Drill” has some notes about 2 ex-Bears speaking out against their former teammates. Haugh promptly puts them in their place. I suppose that would be “pwned” for all you youngsters out there.

“So Muhsin Muhammad called Chicago a wide-receiver graveyard, indicting former Bears quarterbacks and wide receivers with comments on SI.com. This is a guy who did more finger-pointing than a traffic cop in three years in Chicago. Just asking, but would a better quarterback in Chicago during Muhammad’s time here have helped “Moose” find the step-and-a-half he lost between the time he cashed his $10 million bonus check in 2005 and his last game as a Bear?

A CBSSportsline.com report said Tank Johnson called Grossman brittle and soft. Obviously, Grossman must not be a dog lover. But unless the topics are lame excuses or the best defense lawyers in Chicago, has Johnson proved to be credible enough to be quoted on anything that doesn’t involve a three-point stance?”

The column that Haugh is referencing is also a good read. In it Mike Freeman wonders why Grossman is still around, and rips the Bears for keeping him.

“He won’t go away. Drop a nuke on Grossman and he arises from the radioactive rubble, ready to throw an interception. He laughs at the Andromeda Strain. He spits on your mocking of him. Cockroaches say the only thing that will outlive them is Grossman.

It’s one of the greater mysteries in football over the past few years. Why hasn’t Grossman become an ex-Bear? For that matter, how is Sexy Rexy still in this league?

The answer is that the coaching staff is doing everything in its power to help a player with limited ability succeed. The reason why the Bears are doing this is inexplicable.”

  • dhaab

    You know things must really be bad when Bears fans are clamoring for some guy named Caleb Hanie to start. And to think this team was in the Super Bowl two years ago.

  • http://leshockvalue.blogspot.com shocker.

    Muhsin Muhammad said Chicago was a place receivers go to die. I thought it was a place they went to drop passes.

    This guy’s a toolbag. Enjoy your money and thanks for nothing.

  • http://www.brianlis.com Lis

    Classy individuals these guys are.

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