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Monday, July 23rd, 2018



I read the internets so you don’t have to. Some quality articles on the Favre deal.

1st up, Dan Pompeii gets down to business now that the initial “What team will he go to?” excitement has settled. He writes that it won’t be easy for Favre and could turn out to be bad for number 4.

“Favre will be staring at a playbook that undoubtedly will look like Chinese to him after spending his entire Packers career using West Coast terminology. Instead of using words to describe routes, the Jets use numbers and that puts an extra burden on the quarterback.

There is much for Favre to learn, and little time to learn it. He undoubtedly will be compromised early in the season, and may be for most of the season.

Fox Sports has the angles on what this means to all of us fantasy geeks. My prediction? Over 20 TDs and over 20 picks.

The Favre Saga has vaulted to #2 on Fantasy Sports Matrix’s list of all-time annoying sports stories. Bravo to you sir for saying what needed to be said.

The Big Lead tells us how one man beat the ESPN army on the Favre to Jets news, and how ESPN tried to control the story. Fail.

Sports Illustrated has the top ten things to know about being a Jet. I like #3; Favre’s arm vs. The Meadowlands’ wind.

Also, do you think we’ll be seeing Brady against Favre once or twice or thrice on Sunday nights? John Madden has a renewed lease on life! Week 2 Favre takes on Brady at home and then on Nov. 13th, it’s Favre vs. Brady in Foxboro on NFL Network.

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    Someone once wrote about Roger Clemens being the most selfish man in sports. This was a good 2-3 years back when he was keeping the Yankees in suspense over whether or not he was going to sign, then wound up making an insane amount for about 20 starts.
    Now it is clear that the reporter was right.
    This whole Favre garbage is reminiscent in a very bad way. It’s angering, not watching all the coverage but knowing it’s there even when you try to avoid it. It was all over all the news outlets and on almost every TV at the Y where I exercise. It was on every site I check daily. And it all seemed to be about Favre playing the victim, like Clemens did.
    It makes me sick. But I wonder, have the media created the monsters that these men have become? There has to be something within them to begin with, some insatiable desire to compete that is beyond normal.
    I can’t root for men like this.

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