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Tuesday, August 14th, 2018

Five Coaches Most Likely To Be Sprewell’d


It’s been a while since a coach has been accosted by one of their players. I look at these coaches and think that could change soon.

lane-kiffinLane Kiffin

Kiffin hasn’t made many friends since taking over at Tennessee. 11 players have left since he signed on. He’s ridiculed other coaches. Fired longtime employees. He’s violated NCAA laws and had a Twitter FAIL. Has a bit of that “I’d like to smack him” look. Will there be a Volunteer to step up and choke a coach? I’m thinking there could be. Or maybe an opposing coach. Or his Dad.

Hit the jump for more of these coaches…

joshmcdanielsJosh McDaniels

I would say that had Jay Cutler stayed in Denver, he might have been the one to go all Sprewell on McDaniels. McDaniels may come from the Bill Belichick tree, but Belichick he is not. He does wear the same apparel — the grimy hoody with the sleeves cut off — and he has that bravado. He was quick to rub people the wrong way. And consider that just a few months ago Denver had one of the game’s best coaches and one of the best QBs in the league. Now? Kyle Orton and a brash, first-time head coach who thinks Matt Cassel is better than Cutler. Maybe a fan goes Sprewell, maybe even the owner..who knows?

sam-cassell1Sam Cassell

Cassell may have yet to officially coach a Wizards practice (assuming they take part in such ventures), but I already see the scenario in which his assailant will go Sprewell on him. The Wiz are down some players due to injury and likely apathy. Cassell takes part in a scrimmage. He nails a big three before a water break and breaks out his “Marbles” dance. Some player does the deed whilst the rest of the onlookers tweet it to the rest of the league.

ozzie-guillen-chokeOzzie Guillen

Ozzie is smart as a fox. But he’s also as fiery as a furnace. And this list is not solely composed of players from the coach’s own team. It could be an opposing player. Ozzie has already said things that truly enrage players and fans to Sprewell-status. Perhaps one day a player will act upon it.

todd_haley1Todd Haley

Haley is best remembered for barking at Anquan Boldin in last year’s playoffs. And arguing with Terrell Owens when both were with the Cowboys. He even had an argument with mild-mannered Kurt Warner. Hey, these things happen. Hey, these things are also magnified when you’re the head coach and the pressure is on. The big question: do the Chiefs have anyone that can take him? That depends. Can you name more than 3 guys on the Chiefs? Larry Johnson and…Stephone Paige? I give up.

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