Monday, October 5th, 2015

Fukudome is Fukidominating


As we fans like to say, “The Cubs needed that one.”

I don’t care what part of the season it is you never want to get swept and you never want to get swept by a divisional foe and you most certainly don’t ever want to get swept by the Cards. Well maybe that last part is more for the fans.

Everyone left him for dead but Kosuke Fukudome is Fuki-dominating. To be sure, those same people will point to last year’s nose dive and they might have a point there. But for now Cubs fans are thankful he’s getting it done, especially with the non-existent Milton Bradley and the slow starts of Derrek Lee, Geo Soto & Mike Fontenot.

Fukudome is leading the team in walks (13), on-base percentage (.481), RBI (15), average (.371), OPS (1.162), doubles (6) and hits (23). He’s second on the Cubs in homers (4), runs (14), slugging (.661) and total bases (41). He’s also seen more pitches than any Cub and averages more pitches per plate appearance than any Cub.

The point is this: no matter what happens to him from here on out, without his hot start the Cubs would be starting May from the cellar of the NL Central.

Maybe Fukudome will earn that All-Star appearance this year.

  • The Mike O’Donnell

    I think people wrote him off too quickly. I think he deserves the playing time he’s getting, and he is proving it.
    Last year he dealt with being in a foreign country without his wife and then newborn son, the grueling MLB schedule and travel especially when compared to what he played in Japan, and all those adjustments from mental, to physical day in and day out, cultural, all that factors in to a dive in the numbers in the second half. I don’t know that he will maintain this level but he is certainly a better athlete and ball-player than to take another huge dive.

    What up Zoner man? Long time no comment, eh?

  • dhaab

    I can’t roll my eyes any more after reading the 2nd to last sentence.

    All is forgiven, KF. You can slump for the rest of the season and Zoner won’t care.

  • The Zoner

    “The point is this: no matter what happens to him from here on out, without his hot start the Cubs would be starting May from the cellar of the NL Central.”

    Where do you get that from what I wrote D? I said that same thing about Marquis before too.

  • dhaab

    Just think you’re giving him more credit for their record than he deserves and it’s probably because you want him to be successful so badly.

  • Zoner

    Dude– I posted all the numbers. He’s 1st or 2nd in almost every important category. How can he possibly be getting too much credit?

    Is Albert Pujols getting too much credit?

  • dhaab

    Whoa, take it easy. I’m not trying to take credit away from him or anything. He’s had a great first month, just like last season. But he doesn’t seem to be the one getting the big hits to win games for the Cubs. Soriano has been getting most of the clutch hits/homers so far.

    Oh, and don’t ever put Fukudome in the same thought as the chosen one. :)

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