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Wednesday, July 18th, 2018

US Open Betting

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The United States Open Championship is the second major of the professional golf year, and traditionally ends on Father’s Day, the third Sunday in June. The US Open is hosted by the United States Golf Association at a different US golf course each year, but always features a field of 156 top golfers drawn from the PGA Tour, the European PGA Tour, the Asian Tour and qualifiers.

About half the field is made up of players who are not required to qualify, including any player who has won a US Open in the past decade or another major in the past five years, the top 30 from the previous season’s PGA Tour money list, the top fifteen of the previous season’s European Tour money list, and players in the top 50 of the Official World Golf Rankings as of two weeks before the tournament. The rest of the field comes from professionals and amateurs who compete in two qualifying stages. Because of the open qualifying process, the USGA has described the field as the most democratic in golf.

The US Open is also known for its extreme difficulty, with even top players often posting embarrassingly high scores. A combination of hilly greens, extremely long rough and narrow fairways make scoring below or at par very rare.

US Open Golf Betting

The US Open is one of the biggest sports events on both the American and world sports calendar, so it’s naturally also very popular with sports gamblers. Futures bets are opened months in advance.

Two of the best sportsbooks to bet on US Open and golf betting would be Bet365 or Sportsbook.com (US-friendly).

During the tournament, fans can choose from a variety of betting options, including picking the outright winner, picking 3-ball and match bets, and other prop bets. Because the courses are often so difficult, outcomes can be harder to predict but odds are also often proportionately inflated.

US Open Golf History

The first US Open was played in October 1895 at a nine-hole course in Newport, Rhode Island. Ten professionals and one amateur entered and played 36 holes in a single day, with Englishman Horace Rawlins winning the title and the $150 top prize. British players dominated the tournament until 19-year-old American John J. McDermott won in 1911. With McDermott’s victory the US Open finally gained an American following and was on its way to gaining its major status.
Since 1950, players from only seven countries have won the US Open. When Northern Ireland’s Graeme McDowell won the US Open in 2010, he was the first European in forty years to take home the trophy. From 2004 to 2007, four players from the Southern Hemisphere won the US Open – the first four-year stretch without an American US Open winner since McDermott’s 1911 victory. Tiger Woods broke the streak with his third US Open victory in 2008.

US Open Winners

Four men share the record for most US Open victories with four – Willie Anderson, Bobby Jones, Ben Hogan and Jack Nicklaus. Tiger Woods holds the record for most strokes under par at a US Open for his -12 performance in 2000. Woods also shares the record for lowest score over 72 holes (272) with Jack Nicklaus, Lee Janzen and Jim Furyk.

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