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Sunday, May 27th, 2018



Ben Gordon sounds a bit bummed that he was not selected to participate in the 3-point contest during All-Star Weekend.

“It’s always like that,” Gordon said. “Someone always seems to get left out.”

I have no idea how the selection process works and it certainly isn’t the biggest deal. But they chose Daequan Cook and Roger Mason Jr. over Ben Gordon? Seems a bit odd.

Gordon said he still might watch the competition and “It’ll be nice to have some time off.” Doesn’t he get enough of that on every defensive possession? I had to go there. He set it up.

But in last night’s game he played over 37 minutes and had zero fouls. That’s impressive. That’s Jamal Crawford-like. And although it seems like Gordon hoists a lot of bad shots, he is shooting 45% from the field and 41% from behind the arc.

Gordon waited a bit too long to accept the Bulls offer of 6-years & $55 million, which was then yanked. He ended up signing a one-year qualifying offer and will be an unrestricted free agent after this season. The Bulls have an expiring trade exception from the Joe Smith deal with the Cavs last year. A trade exception allows the acquiring team to add a player making an equal or lesser amount of salary without the trade having to adhere to the 125% rule. There are six trade exceptions that expire Feb. 23, and the Bulls have the largest at $5.205 million.

Gordon makes $7.1 million, so the Bulls could trade for a player making over $12.3 million. Or a player making the minimum. The deadline is on Feb. 19. I would be very surprised to see Gordon still here.

  • http://www.tddance.blogspot.com McSpazz

    Whom ever Paxson decides to trade to relieve the freakin mess he has created in the backcourt really doesn’t matter. The Bulls are stuck in mediocrity and will be for a long time unless they get another lucky bounce of the ping-pong ball, which is highly unlikely. I don’t see them trading for someone with a high salary, but trading for expired or matching contracts. Paxson is probably gearing up for another Benny the Bull festival at O’Hare for incoming free agents after the 09-10 season. Which we all know will be a flop just like it was when the last big crop was available. D Rose needs a number #2 to his #1 and if Luol keeps playing like his has in the past month it will be a good start for a #3. That is a big if, because I still don’t place a lot of faith in Deng’s game to be consistent over a whole season. Paxson dropped the ball passing on players like B. Roy or L. Aldridge which he had for a few moments. I also feel it’s time to cash in on Noce before his play begins to fall off, Pax could probably get back something decent for him.

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    Couldn’t agree more about Noce. Trade him now while he has some value.

  • http://sharapovasthigh.blogspot.com Matt

    I just don’t see who is out there that would really interest them. They’re only going to make a big acquisition if it’s somebody that can play alongside Derrick for a long time. Paxson keeps saying that, that every move they’re making will have Rose in mind. I’d rather just hang on to Gordon for right now and I’d actually be surprised if they didn’t.

    As for Noce, I’m indifferent on that. I think there’s a ton of teams that would be interested him for awhile actually. He’d be a perfect guy off the bench for somebody like the Spurs. I bet he’ll be a part of a championship team somewhere before he retires.

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    don’t you think a team that needs scoring–say the Rockets–would have an interest in Gordon? Wouldn’t you want to get something for him in return and maybe see if Sefolosha can pan out?

  • http://www.tddance.blogspot.com McSpazz

    BG has to be on his merry way. He won’t sign with the Bulls next season even if he’s not going to get the big contract he thinks he deserves (note to Ben, the court has two sides and the big money players either average 30 a night or play both sides equally). It’s high time to see what Thabo can be running everygame, he might not be a great scorer, but he’ll lock down on the defensive end and I have been impressed with his passing game this season. A championship team needs a player like Noce, Popovich would love him and I think a team like the Suns or Hornets could use a player of his caliber and activity.

  • Yardwork

    It’s been a lazy day so I decided to figure out a trade for the Bulls. Here it is

    Deng, Noah, Nocioni, Ruffin to the Raptors for O’Neal and Parker
    Hughes to New Jersey for Simmons and Ager
    Gooden, Gordon, Sefolosha for Stoudemire

    I think the Bulls can make a run, New Jersey gets a scorer, Raptors get some depth, Suns get contracts that are expiring.

    The Bulls have three stars and possible a fourth if Thomas keeps improving.

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    Love the effort and thought, but I would shudder to see O’ Neal and Amare in the same front court. O’ Neal seems broken down and merely average now.

  • Yardwork

    It could be that he’s somewhat disinterested in playing in Toronto. Playing in Chicago in front of 18-20,000 each night may help. ONeal had some big games against west coast teams recently, scoring 20 points, effectively rebounding and he had 9 block against the Lakers (?). Anyway it is a big gamble.

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