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Tuesday, July 17th, 2018



It could be nothing more than conjecture, but reading that Isiah Thomas was possibly trying to acquire Vince Carter still gave me my morning laugh.

According to ESPN’s Chris Sheridan, there have been “preliminary discussions on a three-way trade that would include, among other things, Carter going to the New York Knicks, Eddy Curry to Miami and the expiring contracts of Jason Williams and Ricky Davis to New Jersey.”

Vince Carter recently turned 31 and might need surgery over the summer on his ankle. Go, Isiah, go. Jamal Crawford, Zach Randolph, Vince Carter, Stephon Marbury…

How bad are the Knicks? Newsday’s Shaun Powell writes:

“New York doesn’t boo them anymore, doesn’t chant “Fire Isiah” anymore.

New York has decided to deal the Knicks the most painful insult of all by ignoring them.

Yes, silence makes it official. It means a team doesn’t exist anymore.

All the anger and the frustration is gone from the Garden. People no
longer go to 33rd and Seventh to blow off steam. They don’t go to find
hope or a pulse or a glimpse into the future. They go to see the
visiting team, or because they’re stuck holding tickets, or because
someone gave up tickets.”

And it won’t likely get any better soon. With the exception of Randolph Morris, every player currently on the roster is signed through at least 2009. Enjoy!

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