Friday, October 9th, 2015

Famous Chicago 4s


Josh Q. Public has a cool 4th of July piece up on Famous Sports Fours. No Chicago athletes made the cut, so we present our list of some ‘Famous Fours’ from Chicago sports. Some good, some…not so much.

Luke Appling
luke-appling Hall of Famer. Awesome nickname: “Ol’ Aches and Pains”. Lifetime .310 hitter. Hit .388 one year, played over 20 years.

Jerry Sloan
jerry-sloan100 Played in a record 10 consecutive Bulls home openers. All-Star Bull. All-Defensive Team Bull. Coached the Bulls.

Lee Elia
lee-elia100 Most famous for his explosive tirade (NSFW) that ripped the Cubs fans. “85% of the world is employed…the other 15% come here.”

Moose Vasko
moose-vasko-100 Moose played 10 seasons with the Hawks and played in 4 All-Star games. And most importantly won a Cup in ’61.

Jim Harbaugh
harbaugh Harbaugh was the Bears’ 1st round pick in ’87 and played 7 seasons here. He was gritty and gutty, and probably shouldn’t have called that audible in Minnesota.

Honorable mentions: Steve Fuller, Moses Moreno, Keith Brown, Keith Carney. Anyone got other #4s?

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