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Friday, May 25th, 2018



Who else out there thinks that Gorssman starting over Griese is a joke? A really bad joke. At least Griese can count his money. But apparently the Bears don’t want him to earn it. They didn’t give him the opportunity to do so last year. They finally did this season–after 10 turnovers in 3 games by Grossman–but are relegating him to backup again. Remember, this is the same team that would not allow any free agents to compete for the starting job against Grossman. Looks like they are staying true to their word about that.

So what is it about Griese they don’t like? That he calls plays better than the uninspiring Ron Turner? That he threw for over 1500 yards in 6 games? The huge comeback win that saved the pathetic season in Philly? Beating Green bay at Lambeau? Almost beating the Vikes in one of the most exciting games of the year?

Are you going to mention the picks? Not here you aren’t. He has 9 TDs to go with those 10 picks and has made chicken salad out of you-know-what. That’s the price of doing business when you have no running game. He went from having to “manage the game” to having to win all the games.

I’m not a huge Mariotti fan, but he nails it:

But one pretty scoring pass to Bernard Berrian last weekend, against a terrible Oakland team that had a coverage breakdown, won’t change the fact Rex is an unreliable guy who eventually will break hearts. We’ll let Smith figure it out on his own. When asked why he apparently is ignoring that Griese could be healthy enough to play, he spoke of Grossman like an All-Pro.

“Everything is based on one thing — who gives us the best chance to win,” he said. “Rex got a chance to play, based on an injury. What did he show? He gave us a boost, a little excitement, threw a good ball. Sometimes, when you’ve been given a chance to take a step back, you do things a little different.”

Mariotti didn’t see anything different and either did I. I can only hope that we do this week. I feel bad for Griese. He should be the starter.

Mariotti continues:

What’s frightening is that Halas Hall — specifically, general manager Jerry Angelo — continues to live the Grossman Lie. The boys think he can be salvaged, that he’ll save the season and still become their long-term QB with an inexpensive extension to boot. That’s why Rex is playing, so they can look right in the end and tell us they were right.

Never have they been more wrong.

I’m sad to agree. And hope we are both wrong.

  • http://www.tremendousupsidepotential.com Rickhouse

    no way dude, Rex should be the starter, in my opinion. Even though he didn’t look great against a poor Oakland D last week, Rex was still able to move the ball. His TD pass to Berrian was perfect, and he looked good connecting on a deep pass to Moose. Grossman can beat the Seahawks this week and i’d be shocked if he didn’t. I really think Rex is the spark the Bears needed to make a run. His teammates have always loved him, and i think in the beginning of the season, he was focusing too much on a contract extension. Now he can just play football.

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    In spurts, I can take over a game of hoops at the gym. And then we keep playing. Dig?

  • dhaab

    Prepared to be shocked, Rickhouse. Grossman SUCKS!!

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