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Saturday, July 21st, 2018



Grossman needs to atone for his shoddy performance in the Bears 1st preseason. He’d better get it done tonight.

Actually, I don’t believe that. But listen to some Bears fans and that’s what you hear. I suppose it comes with the territory of being A) a Bear and B) an injury-prone QB with little experience, great potential and a fanbase that expects nothing less than 25 TD passes this year.

I don’t quite care if Grossman has a passer rating of 23 throughout the preseason. And while that’s an exaggerationI’m more concerned to see him get nailed a few times and get up for the next play, the next series. It would likely take another Grossman injury to prevent him from being the starter against Green Bay in the opener. So let’s relax a bit and watch Manning, Manning Jr., Rashied Davis catching passes, P.J. Pope and all the other new Bears and new stories for the season.

Because we know that the coaches love Grossman, as do his teammates. We know he knows the playbook back and forth. It would be nice to see him excel in the preseason. But if he doesn’t I still trust Lovie Smith and Co. on playing the best players. They’ve earned that trust because they have done that so far.

Will that change soon with the Thomas Jones/Cedric Benson situation and also with Grossman/Griese. Will Lovie stick to his word? Time will tell. But I won’t freakout now. Maybe soon, but not now.

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