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Saturday, July 21st, 2018



Big Mark McGwire will have to wait another year–at least–to enter the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Tony Gwynn and Cal Ripken Jr. were selected for the Hall. And since the voting is in, it’s time for my annual lambasting of the voters. I was never the biggest Cal Ripken Jr. fan. I did enjoy watching Gwynn play, and got to see him a few times at Wrigley.

But how could anyone not vote for either of these players?

Ripken had 98.5% of the votes while Gwynn carried 97.6%. I’d love to know who did not cast a ballot for them. Complete nonsense. They should have their voting privileges revoked post haste.

Then there is the story of Paul Ladewski. “Sweet Dew” decided not to vote at all this year and returned to the Hall a blank ballot. He shouldn’t even get to watch the great game of baseball, let alone write about it.

“After much serious thought in the last year, my decision was based on this belief: At this point, I don’t have nearly enough information to make a value judgment of this magnitude,” he wrote, in part. “In particular, that concerns any player in the Steroids Era, which I consider to be the 1993-2004 period, give or a take a season.”

Yes, we’ve all had suspicions about Tony Gwynn and steroids at some point. Gimme a break. Great publicity for Dew though. If you subscribe to theory that any pub is good pub. It happens every year–the voting for the Hall is a joke.

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