Thursday, October 8th, 2015



More on the Cubs trade…

Thunder Matt’s Saloon bemoans the loss of “a good man and an immense talent who never really got a fair shot in his 3+ years with the Chicago Cubs.”

Larry Brown Sports: “…there’s no doubting Beane’s track record — he’s awesome. Beane’s already received at least equal value in both the Haren and Swisher deals, and most of the prospects haven’t even come close to blossoming yet.”

Tremendous Upside Potential says we’re that much closer to an all Chicago world series.

Baseball Analysts think that maybe Beans and the A’s win this deal. “That this deal just feels below value, that my initial reaction makes me think the Cubs got the better of it, gives me even more pause. Why now for such a dominating performer like Harden? Why not drive the bidding up as July 31st draws closer? I am guessing because Beane knows that the next Harden injury could come on any given pitch and wipe out all of his value.”

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