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Sunday, June 24th, 2018



Cinch it up, strap it down, hunker up, I got a hankerin’ for a hunk of cheese.

Dick Vitale has his Coach K.

Madden has Brett Favre.

And apparently Hawk Harrelson has his guy, Lou Pinella. Lou must be his guy or Hawk does all his drinking in one big binge after the season ends. For your consideration:

“We would have the two best managers in the same city,” Harrelson said. “If Lou comes, the Cubs’ upside could be huge.”

“He’s not going to do it unless he thinks he can turn it around,” Harrelson said. “The money is secondary. He wants the challenge of getting the World Series ring.”

If Piniella gets the Cubs’ gig, Harrelson predicts he will “change the whole culture of the organization.”

“Baseball is drowning in statistics and starving for knowledge,” Harrelson said. “Lou has the knowledge.”

I like Lou Pinella. I would be very pleased should he become the next manager of the Cubs. But “change the whole culture of the organization”? Like he did in Tampa Bay?

I suppose Hawk maintains his Old School membership for decrying stats. But Lou’s ‘knowledge’ must be morphed into stats for it to mean something. And unless I’m missing something this team is not likely to win anytime soon, although we’ll see what transpires during the offseason.

If Pinella gets the Cubs’ job, we lose him on Fox. That would be a shame. He’s sort of like your elderly neighbor and you’re not sure if he has taken his medication yet today. But he spins a good yarn.

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