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Sunday, June 24th, 2018



Finally. The Cubs are showing some real signs of life. They’ve won 5 of 6 and their last 2 series. Soriano is up to .330 and starting to hit for power. The whole outfield is starting to hit for power. D-Lee is amazing. Yes he has only one homer, but he’s hitting over .400 and has 19 doubles. Some of those doubles will turn into homers. And the Cubs worked the Pirates pitchers for 7 walks today.

And Jason Marquis. While we all wait for the other shoe to drop, Marquis went out and pitched brilliantly again. Marquis needed just 105 pitches to get through 8 innings and earn his 4th win. He allowed only 4 hits, struck out 5 and walked none. It’s just May the 2nd, but if we were making our NL All-Star rosters…

The Cubbies will now have 6 at home with the Nats and the Pirates. Then they go to Philly and New York for a 7-game road trip and return home to play the White Sox.

And the Cardinals got shut out today and currently dwell in the cellar of the NL Central. Certainly not all the time, but right now it’s good to be a Cubs fan.

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  • http://courtjester.livejournal.com Mike O’Donnell

    I can’t believe it.
    But it does feel good.

  • PB

    Here come the Cubs, there go the Sox! FIRE MILLEN MANG!

  • dhaab

    What a homer! And the fact that you openly root against the Cards is pathetic. :)

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    When they play great I say so. When they suck…well that’s pretty much how this blog started–to vent all my Cubs bile.

    Cardinals suck!!!!!!

  • dhaab

    Spoken like a true Scrubs fan. It isn’t a coincidence that your team hasn’t won for a century. :)

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