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Wednesday, June 20th, 2018



Here they come spinning out of the turn…should have brought in Griese in the lead…could lose next three games…Hester should be benched. Good Grief. People, halfway through the season the Bears are 7-1 and lead the NFC. The biggest concerns are yesterday’s injuries to Urlacher and Berrian, not one loss. But what would Monday after a loss be without a ‘backup QB should have played’ column.

Rick Morrissey provides such banality this morning.

In a sane world, you pull him, give him the hook, let him live to fight another day.

But this isn’t a sane world, and so there was Grossman still flailing away early in the fourth quarter, the interceptions piling up like driftwood.

Grossman is the starter. He has yet to play a full season. When you are 7-0 with a young QB you don’t freak out and replace him because he is having a bad game. He needs to play through these adverse scenarios. He has been terrible when coming from behind. His 4th quarter numbers are horrid. So pull him? No way. Play him and let him work it out.

Yesterday was the 16th game of his career. He’s not a finished product by any means. Pulling him makes no sense. What makes QBs great? Their ability to come back and win games for their teams. We need Grossman to learn that and it doesn’t happen on the bench. It comes through doing.

Most important right now is the status of Berrian and Urlacher. Should either of them be out for a significant period, than we can be concerned. Right now the Bears still lead the NFC. Period.

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  • Shocker.

    Agreed about pulling Grossman during the game. The next three games will tell you all about Rex Grossman, because after watching this tape, teams will know how to beat this guy. Blitz the crap out of him and he’ll make some pretty dumb decisions. What’s your take on Benson? From what I saw on a few series, it looks to me like he could be the guy.

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    i’ll have more on the whole Benson deal later.

  • PB

    Uh-oh! The Lions are now only 5 games back in the loss column! Keep the heat on Rexy and he’ll fold mang! Go Lie-downs! Who’s this Vick guy? ’04 Bears were 0-fer with Urlacher on the DL mang! RESTORE THE ROAR!

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