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Monday, July 23rd, 2018



At 45 years young, Evander Holyfield will get to challenge massive Nikolai Valuev for the heavyweight title.

“It’s solid. They asked if I will take the fight for the offer they made and if everything is straight up, I will take that fight,” Holyfield said. “My lawyer is looking at it.”

Valuev last beat John Ruiz to retain the title. Ruiz is also known here at Zoner Sports as the man who hammered the last nail into the coffin known as boxing. Ruiz was about the most frustrating fighter around, constantly holding opponents and dragging out fights into a territory of boredom not reached before.

That is why MMA is incredibly exciting. If a fighter tries to tie you up and hold you, you fire a knee into his mid-section or work a takedown. If boxing is the ‘Sweet Science’, then MMA is the ‘Sweet Science to the 10th degree’. Judo, Jiu-Jitsu, Wrestling, Boxing, Karate, Muay Thai, Vale Tudo and other striking and grappling arts make MMA the most exciting combat sport. Not to mention that with all the different disciplines and skills that are used the matchups are endlessly fascinating.

But off the soapbox and back to Holyfield. It’s reported he will make less that 750k for the shot at the monstrous Valuev.

“Whatever it is, I’m honored to get the opportunity,” he said. “It is the lowest amount I ever made for a championship fight, but I am just appreciative I got the opportunity.”

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  • JKDilla

    Nikolai Valuev is a pain to watch. These days, if Holyfield is announced for a fight card my usual instinct is the match is one to avoid. This is the title fight no one cares about.
    Valuev needs to get into movies, he could be the next great character actor. He’d be a great bad-guy/nemesis/enforcer type.

    I’ve come to believe people either get MMA or they don’t. You can try to explain it, but most people are too tunnel-visioned to understand the techniques, they just see brawling and 2 guys on the matt rolling over each other.

    Most people who watch boxing don’t truly understand that sport either. They just wanna see two guys swing for the fences. Casual fans can regurgitate what the commentors say, but can’t appreciate what Pretty Boy Floyd does.

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