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Monday, July 16th, 2018



I’ll place the over/under on 2007 games played for Gary Sheffield at 76. Sheffield was very injury-prone until about 1999. That pattern stopped until last year when he played in only 39 games. He’s 38 years old and at some point the body just can’t handle the grind.

Cashman was more than happy to get rid of Sheffield. Sheffield has seemingly felt slighted wherever he has played. He even said so much after his recent trade, commenting on being reunited with Dombrowski and Leyland:

“They’re business-minded. They’re smart people. They’re respectful people. They treat you like men. That’s what you want to be around. To reunite with them after 10 years is a blessing.”

The Tigers will be the 7th team Sheffield plays for.

  • http://www.brssports.blogspot.com WBRS Sports Blog

    If Sheff can play more than 130 games, than it was a good deal for Detroit.

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    Perhaps. But they also extended his deal through 2009 for $28 million. Maybe that’s just the price of doing business these days but if I was the GM I’d take some of my resources and go get a younger player. And also one that was not allegedly involved with BALCO.

  • PB

    The Tigers need a big stick in that lineup mang! Hopefully they’ll get over 100 games out of Sheff. Youth is needed in the pitching staff, and the Kitty Cats have that covered mang! I hope the ChiSox can handle third place again! GO TIGERS! FIRE MILLEN!

  • http://thewaynefontesexperience.blogspot.com/ Big Al

    As said above, If Sheff stays healthy (And relatively happy for that matter) it’s great for the Tigers. If healthy means 120-130 games at his anticipated good OBP/power numbers (Playing in Comerica will drop his power #’s), I’ll be thrilled.

    There are signs that Sheff may be on the downside, as his OPB/SLG have been declining for 3 seasons. So the extension is definitely a big risk. It’s still a better deal Magglio Ordonez’s, and at 3 years (to the possible 7(!) of Magg’s), it’s a tolerable risk for a team in contenttion. But I may be signing a different tune a year from now.

    Right now, all involved are saying all the right things. We’ll see if they still are halfway thru the season. Whatever ends up happening, much of the blame/credit will lie at the feet of Jim Leyland. He signed off on the deal, and will be the man who have to keep Sheff’s disruptive tendencies in check.

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    “Right now, all involved are saying all the right things. We’ll see if they still are halfway thru the season.”

    You nailed it. It’s hard not to repsect and like Sheffield the player. He will play hurt if able. But he carries with him mass baggage. I can’t name a player in the last 10 years that has come away from the Yanks feeling mistreated. But Sheffield has.

    If he does play in 120+ and gives them his usual numbers and they win it all I don’t think they will care much about what he does in ’08 and ’09. That would be gravy.

    But if he does poorly or is injured most of next year…oh boy.

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