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Sunday, June 24th, 2018



Over at the Bulls blog, Sam Smith had this to say after the Bulls latest loss to Portland on Monday night:

“But in the Bulls continued softness on the defensive end and with a bench filled with offensive players, most of whom play on the perimeter, it’s going to fall to Del Negro to make the tough decisions that a lot of his players may not like. And they may not like Vinny for it. But as much as many try, it’s never the job of the coach to be liked. Just to produce, motivate and develop.

It’s time for that to begin with the Bulls, and this is how it has to start: With defense. Thabo Sefolosha and Tyrus Thomas have to be on the court regularly.”

I agree about Thomas, and wrote as much yesterday. But I disagree about Sefolosha. He’s just not comfortable on the offensive end, and he often seems overmatched. Last night he posted up down low. When the pass came in 2 Blazers got to it before him. He didn’t fight to go get it. I don’t think he can shoot very well and I can’t remember really any time when he took the ball off the dribble to make something happen.

A better lineup would include Hinrich and Rose in the backcourt. Hinrich is not as rangy as Thabo, but he can shoot it and he gets the ball moving in the half-court. And Hinrich is a solid, pesky defender. Players like Thabo and Noah grind the offense to a halt. Hinrich knows that ball movement is essential with the lack of a low post presence. I liked the way Rose and Hinrich shared the ball and worked the offense last night.

Drew Gooden continues to take some horrible shots. Look at his shot chart. His misses came from 15 (2x), 19, 21 (3x), 22 (2x). Hello? Dude–you are a 4. Get under the basket. It’s ridiculous. He’d probably lead the league in FG% if he just chose shots correctly. But he is a free agent to be.

Gordon also aggravates me to no end. Most of his energy is exerted on the offensive end, which is a nice way of saying he doesn’t play good defense. You need a scorer like Gordon and Smith advocates him as 6th man. I agree. There’s no shame in coming off the bench to score in bunches and Gordon can definitely do that.

I’m rambling. I hope the trade deadline brings some type of clarity to the roster for next season. I would love it if they could find a big guard that can shoot and defend. The Knicks want to move David Lee and Quentin Richardson. Hmmm…would they like a Ben Gordon or Larry Hughes and Drew Gooden deal?

  • http://sharapovasthigh.blogspot.com Matt

    It’s incredibly frustrating. I don’t want to trade Gordon though. He’s annoying sometimes and a crap defender, but if we trade him we’d probably fail to top 80 points a lot. It’s sad. He’s the only guy that puts the ball in the basket consistently. Record-wise and whatnot, they’re not doing much worse than I expected coming into the season, it’s just the way that it’s happening that’s driving me flipping nuts. It’s one thing when you just can’t match talent, but that’s not why they’re losing some of these games, particularly against the OKLAHOMA CITY THUNDER AT HOME! Show me some effort. It was just a couple years ago the Bulls were overachieving hustlers that played great defense. Now they look lazier and more careless than Eddy Curry(Okay, probably not the best time for that line).

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    Gordon is fine on a team that plays D–like the Bulls of a few years ago, but with what they have behind him now it’s magnified. I think the Bulls need a Quentin Richardson type-player–a guy that can score in bunches and play perimeter defense. Q hasn’t shot it all that well for the Knicks and he has a massive contract, but it’s they type of player I think the Bulls need to go with Rose and Hinrich, whom I assume will be here for a while.

  • dhaab

    I gotta say, there’s not one Bulls player (besides Rose) who I enjoy watching play.
    I think Tyrus Thomas could be the biggest waste of athletic talent I’ve ever seen.

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    I wouldn’t go that far to say he is the biggest waste. Thomas blocks some shots, alters others and contests almost everything around him. He’s a solid rebounder. He has his uses.

    But it goes back to my argument about TChandler and the like. Thomas played only one year of college, so you could make the case that he is a “Senior” right now. But on the other hand, he has played in 180+ games in the NBA.

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