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Monday, July 16th, 2018



Minnesota Vikings great Carl Eller was sentenced to 60 days in a county workhouse, plus 60 days of electronic home monitoring and a fine of $3k. Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman said,“This was a stern sentence.”

Eller was convicted of 4th-degree assault of a police officer and 2nd-degree refusal to submit to chemical testing, both gross misdemeanors. From the story:

(Judge) Mabley found that Eller had been drinking at a Minneapolis bar before he drove through a stop sign and swerved toward a squad car, just missing it, on April 9. Officers followed Eller, but he did not stop until he pulled into his driveway.

Mabley found that once Eller stepped out of his vehicle, he did not obey commands to show his hands and he resisted arrest. He fought with the two officers, and was not subdued until backup officers arrived.

Is that really a ‘stern sentence’? What exactly should one receive for failing to pull over, disobeying officers’ commands, resisting arrest, driving drunk and physically fighting with the police? He’s not even going to a real jail. He’s going to a workhouse.

Just so I am clear, I could: Drive drunk, not pull over when the sirens light up, fight with the police, disobey them and resist arrest and all I would have to do is go work for 60 days and stay home for 60 days?

The sentence doesn’t seem stern enough.

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  • John Bigenwald

    Sure, all you have to do is have an All-Pro career with the local NFL team, then do what you want.

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