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Sunday, June 24th, 2018



It took a while but I finally watched the greatness that is Paul Thomas Anderson’s “There Will Be Blood”. Seeing as I am late to the party there is no need for dissection or the like; it’s simply an incredible film. That said, I have questions.

– How in the world did this not win Best Picture? How did it not win Best Director? There’s no doubt that the Coen Bros.’ “No Country For Old Men” is a cinematic gem. But I cannot believe it was a better film, or more deserving of awards then TWBB. Perhaps the world of film has again proven itself like that of sports; they occasionally mete out awards based on lifetime achievement.

– Has an actor of this era ever had such a dominant triumvirate of performances like Daniel Day-Lewis in TWBB, Gangs of New York and In the Name of the Father? Or you could substitute “My Left Foot” as a wild card. Who are the best actors of our generation and do any of them have a better top 3 than DDL? I’ll have to consider that.

  • dhaab

    Movie awards aren’t even worthy of debate. It’s just politics in movie land.

    I haven’t seen the Blood movie yet. Really looking forward to it, though. I thought “No Country” was highly overrated and that’s coming from a big Coen brothers fan.

  • http://www.windycitysportsblog.com WindyCitySportsBlog.com

    I thought Daniel Day-Lewis was also phenomenal in Last of the Mohicans and The Boxer. Havn’t seen There Will Be Blood yet, but it sounds as if its a must watch.

  • shocker.
  • http://www.meaninglis.com Lis

    I didn’t like Blood. DDL is an amazing actor. I wish he played more typical roles then these artsy fartsy fringe roles.

    No Country was better but that too wasn’t what everyone hyped it up to be.

    I have to admit I’ve been pretty disappointed with the movie industry lately. Really the only decent movie I’ve seen in a while was Affleck’s “Gone, Baby, Gone”.

  • WierdAl

    Great question … best trifecta of our generation

    Has to start with DeNiro and Pacino, right?

    Which 3 do you pick for DeNiro, how about Godfather 2, Raging Bull and Goodfellas. What happened to this actor? Did you see him in Stardust?

    For Pacino, how about Godfather1 and 2 and Scarface? I didn’t really like Scarface but man what a powerful performance. He was also awesome in Dog Day Afternoon.

    Tom Hanks was great in Philadelphia and Forest Gump, but really, what other movie belongs in his trifecta? Apollo 13?

    One more nominee, and no apologies for going back to the Godfather well: Bobby Duvall: Godfather, Apocalypse Now (yes, just a supporting role but man what a homerun), The Apostle

    What do you all think?

  • http://www.meaninglis.com Lis

    DeNiro’s best was Raging Bull. I disagree that his more current work lacking. How ’bout “Analyze This”, “Meet the Fockers”. Then a little further back “Heat”,”Casino”, and “Cape Fear”.

    But I have to admit staggering 76 movies maybe 10 of them are rememberable.

    Pacino 1. “God Father” 2. “Scarface” 3rd is tied “Devil’s Advocate”, “Carlito’s Way”, “Scent of a Woman”, “Glengarry Glen Ross”.

    Hanks??? Can’t come up with 3 good ones? Really? How ’bout “Saving Private Ryan“, “Green Mile” and don’t forget the kid movies “Big”, “Toy Story”, “Polar Express”.

  • dhaab

    Lis, I agree with you about the film industry. Not a lot of quality lately. The independent films are were it’s at anymore.

    I did really enjoy “Michael Clayton”.

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    Al- good stuff. Probably needs it’s own post. I need to consider all that a little more, but I definitely have to add Nicholson to the mix.

    Hanks– what about “A League of Their Own”? Pretty memorable performance.

  • WierdAl

    My point about Hanks is that he’s given two GREAT performances but then a lot of really good movies. Can you really put his performance in “A League of Their Own” or “Big” up there with performances like “Scarface”, “Gangs of New York,” etc. I thought we were talking about the best acting performances of our generation. Toy Story??? Same with De Niro’s more recent stuff — Mee the Fockers as one of the all time great acting performances???? Really???

    Here’s my question about Jack, do you have to reach too far back (therefore not really of “our” generation?) to get a worthy trifecta from him? I think the truth is Jack probably peaked with a 60′s/70′s trifecta of: Easy Rider, Cukoo’s Nest and China Town. But how do I know? I was in diapers for most of those movies. You could make a case for a post-1980 trifecta of The Shinning, A Few Good Man and Batman — call me crazy but I do still think his performance as Joker is one of the great all-time acting performances. But my point is his post-1980 trifecta is just OK, not worthy of, say, Godfather 2, Raging Bull and Goodfellas.

  • http://www.meaninglis.com Lis

    I see your point AL I guess when I was thinking about the movies I didn’t put the actors performance into perspective. I’ll still stand by Hanks in “Saving Private Ryan”.

    If anything it just goes to show you that good movies are hard to come by these days.

    If you’re looking for modern day performances I think you might need to throw Russell Crow into the picture for Gladiator, Beautiful Mind, and maybe 3:10 to Yuma? Not sure he’s had a great 3rd film.

    How about Kevin Spacey? American Beauty, L.A. Confidential, and The Usual Suspects.

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    Wow–I forgot Crowe and Spacey. That’s why I need to think about it. I’m a dork.

  • http://www.meaninglis.com Lis

    I’d add Leonardo Dicaprio for The Departed & The Aviator but I’m not sure he’s had a 3rd great either. Blood Diamond? eh not really. Titanic? I don’t want to lose my membership to the men club for suggesting that movie :P

    Denzel Washington “Glory”, “Training Day”, “Crimson Tide”

    Bruce Willis “Die Hard”, “The Sixth Sense”, Hmm hard to come up w/ a solid 3rd “The Whole Nine Yards”?

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