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I Thought Kevin Garnett Was Tough
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Monday, July 23rd, 2018

I Thought Kevin Garnett Was Tough


Kevin GarnettI thought that Mr. Big Mouth/trash-talker/taunter of small guards Kevin Garnett was a big, tough guy. No? Appears not from this video. He gets absolutely faced by the half-foot shorter Manu Ginobili, and falls to the floor as if he just got capped.

Puh-leeze. All ball, son. It will be enjoyable to watch the Bucks or Heat send the Celtics home in the first round of the playoffs.

  • dhaab

    Well, Ginobli got all ball, BUT Grant Hill raked his arm and definitely fouled him.
    I’m curious as to why this one play makes Garnett a whimp?

  • shord143

    george hill buddy, not grant. i think it’s cuz garnett always talks trash and shows off when he does this to other people. i dunno, i wouldn’t really call him a wimp, i’d say it was karma or deserved or something

  • dhaab

    Garnett is a local kid who became an NBA star! How can you hate on someone like that?

    Happy Easter, Matty!

  • bbjones

    George Hill got just as much arm as Ginobli got ball, and everybody freaks out. Stupid. Just watched Cleveland/Celts and at half time Michael W. talks about Garnett carrying his leg up and down the court.
    Total bull. I watch ever minute of every Celtics game. Garnett has been flowing up and down the court for the past 2, 3 weeks, but nobody wants to ACTUALLY SEE WHAT IS ACTUALLY HAPPENING, they just want to repeat the same sorry story line about Garnett is old, washed up and done. If you are an older player, apparently it is IMPOSSIBLE to recover from injury. Keep watching. Who do they think Garnett is? You will SEE who he STILL is…keep watching!

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