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Monday, July 16th, 2018



Hey, there’s Aaron Gray not moving his feet to box out Marcus Camby. Watch Luol Deng continue to struggle to hold on to the ball. There’s Drew Gooden shooting 20-footer after 20-footer, not all of them making it to the rim. Before the sub horn is done sounding, Larry Hughes already has a shot in the air. It’s errant. Look at Zach Randolph abuse Joakim Noah. There’s Luol Deng unable to hang on to the ball again. Back on the other end he’s one on one with Al Thornton. Thornton pump fakes once and Deng jumps. Thornton makes his way to the hoop and scores. Somehow the Bulls are winning this game.

There’s Luol trying to post up. He has the ball knocked away yet again. The Bulls can’t get a shot off of the inbounds pass and it’s another 24 second violation. And then another! There’s Thornton to start the 4th quarter dunking the ball. Get Luol a coffee! There’s Noah missing a lay-up. Defensive lapses, turnovers and a sloppy offense. Gooden clanks the front of the rim with yet another 20-footer. I’m not kidding about this. Randolph offensive rebound and put back. Hughes on the other end barely hits the rim on a 3 attempt. Al Thornton–I’m suddenly an enormous fan–wrecks Ben Gordon off the dribble. It’s a foul and 2 shots. Somehow the Bulls are still in this game.

4 minutes remain in the 4th. Rookie wall, meet Derrick Rose. 3-16 against those Bobcats and 4-13 so far tonight. Nocioni keeps hitting 3′s. Why do they let the Bulls shoot from the outside? Wait–why is Noce guarding Zach Randolph? Foul on Noce. Randolph hits them both. Rose isn’t shooting well but he’s getting to the line. Gooden with another failed jumper. This one is so short it clanks right back to him. I’m certain the Bulls are down by 10 but it’s just one.

Camby rejects DRose. Clips call a timeout. Vinny resumes his Jim Essian-like clapping. During the timeout I read his lips. He said, “This is a clipboard! And this is a dry-erase marker! I can write something on here, rub it off and write something completely different! Go do good stuff, and do not do bad stuff!” Bernie Bickerstaff checks to see if any GMs have texted him. Darn. Play resumes. Camby with an easy–too easy–offensive rebound and put back. Less than a minute to go.

Bulls down 2. Randolph posts Gooden. Throws it back to BDiddy and re-posts. He moves to the basket and it’s an easy foul call on Gooden. Randolph hits both of them and Clips lead by 4. I open another browser and immediately vote for Randolph and Thornton for the All-Star Game. And the Hall of Fame. Gordon fouled on a 3! 4-point play–Unreal! Game tied with 20 ticks left. Deng finally D’s up Thornton. He gets off a shot but it’s in and out. It’s overtime.

Play restarts. Gooden almost tackles Randolph and gets called for a foul. He complain about this. Interesting. Ball inbounded and Randolph scores over Gooden. A few possessions later Al Thornton gets to the basket yet again. Deng finally finds his shot and scores 2 in a row. I kid you not–the Bulls are now leading by one. Noce with some great acting draws an offensive foul on Randolph. Del and Bernie call a timeout. Rose with a strong drive, a hoop with some harm. He finishes the 3-point play. The Bulls are up by 4. If the Clippers lose this game they should fire Mike Dunleavy. Or he should quit. How can this be?

The Bulls win it 115-106. I have no idea how they won this game. That was some ugly ball.

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  • http://sharapovasthigh.blogspot.com Matt

    Good stuff. Yeah I was just following the gamecast flipping out. I couldn’t take 2 straight overtime losses to bad teams. Well, I mean they should’ve lost this one in regulation if not for Eric Gordon bailing us out with that foul. I’m still pissed about the BS foul call on Rose last night.

  • dhaab

    Don’t forget to add “there’s Derrick Rose driving down the lane and getting yet another shot blocked”. I know, Rose is the least of their problems, but still, he does that too often. Pass the ball, Derrick!

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    No doubt. He had 5 shots blocked in the Bobcats game and a few more last night.

  • http://www.docksquadsports.com docksquad

    bulls win! it’s a karma win after that bs call on rose from the night before! sorry, but DROSE >>>>> everyone else

  • http://www.docksquadsports.com docksquad

    nice post

  • http://sharapovasthigh.blogspot.com Matt

    Derrick will learn. I’m not going to make a single complaint about him. He’s already what I was hoping he would be in 5 years. I’m glad Pax flat out said how any future big decisions we have in mind will revolve around Derrick. I mean we all knew that’s the case, but still nice to hear it.

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    Oh yeah–I have no complaints with Rose either. He’s kind of like Forte in that he is so much better in his rookie season than I thought he would be.

    I was just watching that game and couldn’t believe how ugly the ball was. And I actually like Drew Gooden, but when he shoots 20-footer after 20-footer, Del Negro should pull him from the game.

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