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Thursday, May 24th, 2018



Over at WaPo I read a column entitled “The Market For Adam Dunn”. The author writes that “One agent I spoke with today said that “I think Dunn will get a max of $5 million per year. Anything more than that and I’d be surprised.” That agent, to put it kindly, is probably wrong. Consider:

Casey Blake is 35 years old and received 3 years, $17.5 million from the Dodgers.

Pat Burrell got 2 years and $16 million from Tampa. Dunn is 3 years younger, bats left-handed and has hit 40 or more HRs 5 times. Burrell has never hit 40 in a single season. Dunn’s career OPS is also higher than Burrell’s.

Raul Ibanez is 36 years old and received a 3 year, $31 million deal from Philly. Enjoy that deal when he is 40.

Juan Rivera (Juan Rivera?) got 3 years and almost $13 million to remain an Angel. He hasn’t even amassed 300 at-bats in the last 2 seasons combined.

So I think that the GM that gets Adam Dunn to sign on the line that is dotted for $5 million per is automatically the Executive of the Year. Dunn basically averages 40 homers, 100 RBI and over 100 walks per season. If I was Ken Williams, I’d be on the phone with Dunn’s agent post haste. You can make Paul Konerko the DH against lefties and spot starter at 1st for all I care. And if the Angels still want him, all the better. Konerko’s season high OBP is Adam Dunn’s career average. Dunn’s going to hit 40 homers somewhere next season. It might as well be Chicag0.

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  • http://www.soxaddict.org Michael Christopher

    Bahaha, 5 mil a year. I bet it WAS Ken Williams on the phone :\

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    Yeah, right? Or a White Sox ‘scout’.

  • dhaab

    Why would the Sox need yet another SLOW home run hitter who can’t hit over .240?? STUPID.

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    Oh I know, who needs a guy who gets on base 40% of the time and hits 40 homers every year. Perhaps you’d prefer the players I listed in the post.

  • dhaab

    Look at the Sox roster, Zoner. It makes absolutely NO sense to sign a player like Dunn unless they trade away Konerko or Jim Thome. And those two players have albatross contracts, so the possibility of trading them is remote.

    I know how you’re infatuated with OBP numbers, but if you look at Dunn’s overall value, it’s pretty low. He’s become a horrible outfielder and he’s slower than slow. Plus, he either strikes out, hits into a double play or hits a home run. So basically the Sox would be signing their 3rd player who is a DH at this point their careers. That’s not how you build a championship team.

    Why don’t your Cubs or any other team sign him if he’s such a valuable commodity?

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    Why hasn’t Manny Ramirez signed yet? Bobby Abreu?

    Dunn grounded into 7 DPs last year.

    As for building a championship team, Thome will be gone after this year. I have looked at their roster. You bemoan the fact that he hits .240 but then disregard OBP? Not sure that’s logical.

    The whole point is this: if a guy who has hit 40 or more homers for 5 years in a row is available for $5 million per, you jump on that. Do you think the A’s would sign Jason Giambi if Adam Dunn was available for $5 a year?

  • dhaab

    But you said yourself that he won’t be available for $5 million.

    And say what you want about Dunn, but it’s a fact the Sox already have too many aging, slow bad fielders on their roster to add yet another one. OPS is a great stat, but it’s not the only stat to judge the value of a player.

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