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Wednesday, June 20th, 2018



I love this story. Fortune magazine is reporting that Don Imus has hired one of the top 1st amendment lawyers to fight for the $40 million that was left on his contract with CBS Radio. And some interesting contractual clauses that might get him paid in full.

But Imus has hired one of the nation’s premiere First Amendment attorneys, and the two sides are gearing up for a legal showdown that could turn on how language in his contract that encouraged the radio host to be irreverent and engage in character attacks is interpreted, according to one person who has read the contract.

The language, according to this source, was part of a five-year contract that went into effect in 2006 and that paid Imus close to $10 million a year. It stipulates that Imus be given a warning before being fired for doing what he made a career out of – making off-color jokes. The source described it as a “dog has one- bite clause.” A lawsuit could be filed within a month, this person predicted.

It’s an interesting case because Imus was obviously under FCC regulations as a radio host. CBS will lean on that, contending that Imus’ comments were profane according to the FCC stipulations on what is considered profanity. But this is where it gets interesting for me. What about all the other utterances of ‘hos’ and the like on the radio? Would the FCC then fine all of the stations that played rap songs with such lyrics?

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  • tojo

    This is a “Waste” of time. Go to youtube.com and type Hush 2316 into the search bar. Then see if you can tell me why, when the innocent young men from Duke were persecuted for over a year, by our “Esteemed” media, they chose not to consider this “Atrocious and inhumane,” crime, “Not worthy enough” to be reported as “National” news!

  • mousie

    i LOVE Imus and have listened to him for 30 years; irreverent, yes. Should he have been fired – no – suspended – yes. I hope he fights with everything he has. Too bad he spoke to the likes of “rev” Al Sharpton, the biggest racist in the world – and The Rev became (unfortunately) Imus’ judge and jury – what a disgrace -what about Al apologizing and being fired for his part in the Tawana Brawley matter? How long did that go on and how many WHITE lives were ruined due to his big mouth?? Come on, if it’s good for one, it should always be good for the other.

    Why make an example of Imus? He’s done so much good with his charitable work, his own personal contributions to many different causes – I know it was a stupid, insensitive thing he said – and I believe him to be repentant – what more can he do, cut off a limb?

    I say, Go Get “em, Imus – and come back on the radio where you belong – everyone misses you.

  • http://courtjester.livejournal.com Mike O’Donnell

    Interesting to see what becomes of this. I hope a great deal in terms of what rights are worth saving and what it means to live in a place like America.

  • ARS

    I agree fully with you mousie. I am also a long time listener of Imus and miss him and the whole irreverent crew. I have been waiting for an article like this to surface stating Imus was not about to take this injustice lying down. I hope he fights with everything he has and breaks CBS. They are as two-faced and embarassing as Sharpton(please don’t even give him the courtesy of the Reverend title) and Jackson. They are both agenda-driven racists of the worst kind. If you listen to enough radio you will hear much worse than the comments Imus and Bernard made, but since these other programs and dj’s are not as high profile as Imus they’ll never be made an example of. Many of your fans are behind you Imus – don’t give up – we need you back on the air!! I am filling in with O&A till you get back.

  • http://ImusFightsBack annette earl

    Irreverant, grouchy, intelligent, up-to-the-moment, worldly, philanthropic, unyielding, scrappy, politically savvy and effective. He began my day for many years, with banter that made me want to listen. Long ago calling hotels looking for Edi Amin is one of my earliest memories of Imus on the radio, one I will never forget as it was totally hysterical and stupid. But it was funny. I love the way he involved himself with issues of major importance and went forward with that involvement to get things accomplished. To rip him from the airwaves for a racial slur is going too far. A suspension would have been adequate and I wish with all my heart, that he goes forward with a suit for those who folded “like a cheap camera”. Stated earlier, the Duke crew was far more damaged than those at the other end of the Imus remark. ???? Where’s the justice? I want my day back with Imus and his crew as the nasty, grouchy and intelligent guy whom I miss tremendously yet garnered my respect.
    So he made a mistake, maybe they’re looking for a firing squad. In my world, it was little short of that.

  • Joan Monson

    Go Iman!! Defend the right to freedom of speech for everyone in America! I no longer watch the CBS,NBC/MSNBC or any other network that called for your firing. I believe you being fired was unjust!! Good luck. I’m rooting for you to win!!

  • Bet

    why would anyone listen to Al Sharpton-the same ones who listen to Jesse Jackson?. Aren’t they always first in place any time there’s any dispute involving the black community? Who pays them to always be at the front , trying to stir up some trouble? I say , lets bring back Imus and stop letting the agitators run the country. Too bad the head of CBS, MSNBC and NBC have no backbone. They sure rolled over in a hurry.

  • Barbara

    Ia also quite upset about Imus’s fireing, I miss you I man. Good luck and get back where you belong.

    A watcher and admirer, no one ever ran a show like your’s, no one ever got as many well known people to call in and stick up

    for you. Love you and your pretty wife PS and what a great kid Whyatt is. be back soon miss you and your gang

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    Nice thoughts Barbara, but I don’t think Don reads my silly little blog.

  • Didi

    Wondering what this has meant for his co-host, Charles McCord? And, Bernie McGurk? Are they out also? It appears so. Imus was wrong, all agreed, but “follow the money” and know that MSNBC’s ratings are low, and sponsors all-important!! I believe there is NO way that Don Imus will let this wrinkle in his career effect the support of his philanthropic ventures, which are his REAL passion!!!

  • http://iman dene

    what they did to you is outrageous. you go get em. they’re all idiots. you are a one-of -a-kind icon. you have done soooooo much good for the under-dog. You have never taken a back-seat to anyone. The media and the so-called big wigs are afraid of you. That was why they wanted you out of the way. Please , come back. Your public loves you. Dene

  • http://iman dene

    The under-dog . the helpless. the public needs you. You are the only one who has ever had the guts to stand up to the s0-called powerful , political big wigs,. You never take a back-seat to anyone. Please come back. You have a lot of fight left in you. We no longer watch any of the networks that had anything to do with you being fired. we love you. Thanks for being there for so many of us. Lots of love Dene and Family

  • Rose

    Imus is as American as an American can be. People have died for the right of free speech and the First Amendment. We can not let that fat slob say anit-semetic remarks and no one says anything. He is a liar and racial agitator. We should not let him run our radio and televison airings. His followers are sheep with no minds or opinions for themselves.

  • Missy

    I too agree with Mousie. I love Imus and was really upset over the firing. I have been so sick of Al Sharpton and the Jessie Jackson group. As my Mother use to say, clean off your own backdoor step, before pointing the finger at others. Yes, he made a big boo boo (is that wrong too, to say that?). My gosh, the man apologized and I truly felt he was sincere. MSNBC should NEVER had fired him. They and CBS just folded under the pressure of the Sharpton’s, Jacksons, NAACP and all the ones that just sit out there and scrutinize everybody and everything. They just sit back and wait for something like this to be said or done and then they get to be in the limelight. I bet Al Sharpton never had so many people to tune into his radio show, since the deal with IMUS. Most people around the U. S. probably did not even know he had a radio show. It figures. Anyway, if you read this IMUS, hang in there, sue them, and please keep up the good work with your children for cancer and all the other wonderful things that you and Deidre do. Also, say Hello to your son and tell him for me, his Daddy is a good man with a big heart and only the strong survive, remember that IMUS. Things happen to people in life and you just have to keep fighting for the right thing. You have done more good with your Ranch, your show regarding the life insurance policies for our soldiers and what you and your wife do regarding autisim, and also the chemical product you both endorse. Let’s hear a big HOORAH for IMUS and his family. Miss you and hope you get back on the airways again. You will……. It is your life Imus and your profession. Your not too old to keep doing a good job. Also tell Bernie, Charles and Chris, I miss all of them too. You guys will be back again and are the greatest.

  • Peggy

    Imus..do whatever it takes to get you and your crew back on the air. We need your nasty take no prisoners posse on the trail of the crooks and vipers of the present bunch in Washington. I am convinced “they” had the most to gain by getting you off the air and called in some favors from the “advertisers” to bail on Imus in the Morning. You said something really dumb you apologized. Now make them pay…

  • HelenAlex

    Iman, I miss my mornings with you and the crew, go get them, I also don’t watch cbs,nbc or msnbc anymore. In fact tvs rather boring now. I go along with everything everyone before me has said but there is one more item everyone has seemed to forgetten, All our men and women in the service , we and they need you there to stick up for them since our country doesn’t. My son has a roomate ,Brain fresh out of boot camp and they are sending him to Iraq.I thought our country use to teach our soliders how to be in a war, not just a 8 week course. I hope you have a good summer at the ranch,I know your honey chewed you on this one, tell her hi and I miss seeing her also. Good Luck Iman whatever you do I’m on your side.Thanks for the good morings even though my day did start at 4:30am. Hope to see you again.

  • http://www.thesportsflow.blogspot.com Joe Laszewski

    Did you hear that Imus called Sharpton a terrorist? It made me laugh…

  • Bren’ in GA

    I’m so happy there is still a forum to express, my sincere desire to bring back the Iman in his original form. You know life is so mused up, but I do it anyway. I dream for better anyway, no matter what you try to spoon feed me. You are catering to who? The big bucks, which way is the wind blowing advertising, who lost my penny. Don’t watch the MSNBC, don’t buy Proctor Gamble or the others that caved to the complaints of Sharpton and Jackson. NO more, noway. Bored out of my mind by Matt on NBC, I drink my coffee and get the sour stomach I’m carrying to work. Shame on you. How come you gave me exposure to the IMAN? To rip him away? Sometimes I think whats up with the smart guys in charge? Weak is all I have left for the decision makers. Knowing right is always going to be right and how you preformed in the hour of decision is going to go down as always WRONG! Asleep at the wheel, not responsible, sorry will never wash. Step up to face the fact that you are personally responsible for reaping benefit from. Come on now, let’s all be completely real. As always greed makes our little world go round and round. Bring him back and I’ll shut up! Bren’ p.s. I promise

  • Nick

    Everyone keeps saying IMUS should have only received a suspension not a firing. Well, I disagree! I don’t feel what IMUS and Bernie said was bad enough to even warrant a slap on the hand! Listen to what others get away with….especially in the African American world!

  • http://ezwebtech.com otis mehlberg

    Imus made a big mistake and should pay for it!
    That Rutgers team(each girl) and coach will leave with that name callling for the rest of their lives!
    Do they deserve that from some half witted radio jock?
    No and he should get the same punishment the team and coach received by his uncalled for remarks.

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