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Thursday, August 16th, 2018



Deadspin reports (via Time) that the Olympic Games are in jeopardy of not being broadcast.

“Unnerved by protests on international legs of the Olympic torch relay following the outbreak of deadly rioting March 14 in Tibet, China’s communist government seems to be backtracking on some promises to let reporters work as they have in previous Olympics. The government also has tightened visa rules in the last several months. One target has been students. The government fears many would side with activist groups if protests break out.”

Well, hey, great call giving them the games. They’re all about the Olympic spirit, right? And maybe–just maybe–they ought to rethink the whole Tibet thing. I’m just sayin. Oh, and the violent protests they are so concerned about? Well, when you use armed forces to arrest peaceful protesters, and warn others that they will be arrested for doing the same thing, it doesn’t leave one with much of a choice, does it?

Hey China–remove your head from your collective rectal duct. Give the world the games. They last just a short time. And I already have enough fascism to deal with here.

  • dhaab

    If Chicago gets the 2016 Olympics, I wouldn’t be surprised if protesters were treated the same way. By that time, we’ll probably have a form of martial law that includes a federal police force. Don’t laugh, it isn’t that far from happening.

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