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Monday, June 18th, 2018



Hey! It’s a good thing John Paxson waited all those months. Because his “due diligence” paid off in spades. Right? Wrong. Vinny Del Negro? This is an irresponsible hire. A young club with the top pick in the draft and you bring in a guy with no experience to shepherd them?

Earlier KG had spoke of the preparedness of Dwane Casey. Casey has a ton of experience, both as a Head Coach and an assistant. You’d think he’d be the perfect guy to bring in to lead a young ballclub. Or what of Tom Thibadeau? Guess what? Vinny Del Negro isn’t going anywhere. Why not wait until the Finals are over to give him an interview? Wouldn’t that be due diligence?

Instead John Paxson hires a guy with no experience. Ridiculous. Or how about Avery Johnson? At least I would be comfortable with him. I know that the first time Joakim Noah or whomever cusses at him or goes off he would know how to deal with it.

Vinny Del Negro? Really? I can’t wait to hear why he is ‘the guy’. Of course, details need to be finalized so there is still a chance this falls through. We can only hope.

  • dhaab

    I’ll say it again. Paxson seems to want to hire clones of himself to coach his teams. This is the 2nd pale-white former point guard he’s hired in his tenure.

    Hey John, I used to play point guard in high school! Can I work for the Bulls?

  • http://zonersports.com/ The Zoner

    you’re a racist! But seriously, how about a brother for the young brothers on the Bulls? I’m not saying Casey should have been hired for his race or that he would be the king of all rock, but I’m guessing he’d be better able to relate to these guys and he has more experience too.

  • PV

    You’re right that Pax can’t reasonably claim due dilligence – I mean, Flip Saunders seemed to be dimissed out of hand. I don’t know that I’m his biggest fan, but his track record is good – and if Pax was so eager to hear other philosophies, how can he not even talk to him?

  • http://zonersports.com/ The Zoner

    Especially considering he coached in both conferences for a very long time. People rip him, but could he really have done much more than he did with both of those teams?

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