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Sunday, June 24th, 2018



Interesting interview from Forbes with the head of EA Sports. I don’t about you people, but I have played Wii once and found it incredibly difficult. Maybe it was just the game I was playing, or perhaps the massive muscle memory of using joysticks/gamepads all these years. Does anyone else feel this way about the Wii? We are in the market for a new game system and I would still want XBox 360 Live. Do you all like Wii or do you believe it is more for kids? Here’s the video…

  • http://www.tddance.blogspot.com McSpazz

    Zoner, we have a Wii and four kids. It is great for them and very interactive, but as far as sports games go it really isn’t a good fit. There are a lot of titles for the Wii, but most of them are crap games that are no fun what so ever even for the kids. We stick to the buying the big titles and rent the cheaper ones to see how they are. We have run into technical issues with the Wii though and had to have some games resurfaced fairly soon after buying them (6 months). The warranty runs out after 3 months on a game and I was told that the surface wasn’t ruine by our kids but the Wii itself. So I have to make sure to clean the games often and keep the kids from messin with them which is a pain in my ass. If I were to do it again I probably wouldn’t have bought it and instead of having two systems I should have invested in a Playstation 3. Sport games are not up to par with the other systems. It makes things more difficult than they need to be and gets confusing holding a controller in each hand. The only sport game I find somewhat fun is baseball (MLB 2K9), because of actually being able to time your swing and throw pitches, simulating the game. It is nice for family fun with some games if you have kids and a wife willing to get involved, but it’s not for the serious gamer. I also have the XBOX 360 which is strictly for Daddy and his Madden and NHL games.

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    See–that’s my concern. The only reason I would have it for myself (kids want Wii) is because I could play all my favorite sports games. And because of 360 live I could play my nephews, brother, friends, etc, online. That would be the best.

  • http://www.tddance.blogspot.com McSpazz

    Depending on their ages and sexes that would be a better determining factor. My two oldest are twin girls that are ten and in a few years probably won’t be interested in gaming at all. The other two are a lot younger 4 and 2 the four year old is also a girl and the 2 year old is a boy. My youngest daughter loves playing it, because she feels like she is actually Mario by moving the steering wheel or controllers. The boy is way to busy to be bothered by games he would rather be head butting the wall or something stupid like that. As the kids get older I feel most system will go more interactive like whe Wii, but there needs to be definite improvements. If the system is strictly for you go with the XBOX, but if family needs need to be met, the Wii will surfice. If possible buy yours first and then get the Wii for the kids for a early holiday present.

  • PB

    Get the XBox and Call of Duty World at War for yourself. Buy the kids an Atari (make sure it has the Combat cartridge with it). They can play “Tank Pong” for hours! FIRE FORD MANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

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