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Monday, July 23rd, 2018




I don’t get it. What’s so hard to understand? Franchise QBs just aren’t available that often. Retreads, dopers, never-was, shoulda-beens — perhaps even dog fighters — you’ll find in abundance. But franchise QBs at age 25? Let me know if you think of one. That’s why you give a bit more to get one.

I love Dean’s comments in the last Cutler post (Where ya been buddy?). The biggest beneficiary of this could be Matt Forte. Anyone want to predict he’ll see some bigger holes next year?

Then I also read this morning that perhaps it will be difficult now to find a backup because Cutler is so durable. If that’s even true (likely not), I really don’t care. It can be Caleb Hanie for all I care and whiny Jeff George can be the 3. Joking. About the George part anyway.

You don’t think Jeff Garcia at age 39 would want to come here? How about Byron Leftwich? Kyle Boller? J.P. Losman? I’m pretty sure finding or even drafting a backup at QB is nothing to worry about.

Ostensibly, the Bears have formed a very nice core of offensive players in Cutler, Forte, Olsen and Chris Williams. If you want to add Hester in there go ahead. I know Cutler makes Hester better immediately. Think of all the long passes that Orton missed on so badly. Think Cutler nails a few of those?

Clapp said it best in the comments of the other Cutler post: It’s a great day to be a Bears fan. Now, how about Torry Holt for 2 years?

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  • PB

    I’m not so sure Cutler makes Hester better immediately. Hester isn’t smart. Period. Sure he’s fast, but will he be able to memorize an entire playbook this year? Also, will they chance it and put him out there to return kicks? They need receivers, big time. The moves the Bears are making are tremendous. I think the overpaid for Pace, but they have the cap room to do so. Here’s another bright spot: Bears fans won’t have to waste a day huddled around their TV watching the draft! FIRE FORD MANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  • CC

    Who said you had to be smart to be a good WR? See Plaxico Burress, Terrell Owens, Desean Jackson, Brandon Marshall, Donte Stallworth, Marvin Harrison, Anquan Boldin, Ocho Cinco, Chris Henry, Matt Jones, Rae Carruth… should I go on?

  • PB

    Your point is well taken, but an apples/oranges comparison. Those criminals could at least catch the ball, and memorize a playbook. A huge knock on Hester at the University of Miami was his inability to learn plays. He was dangerous as a kick returner, but far from dangerous as a WR. FIRE FORD MANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    well what’s odd about that is he actually was a better possession receiver than deep threat last year. my whole point was –at least in theory– Cutler is better than Orton at deep balls, so Hester immediately becomes better there.

  • CC

    And you don’t have to be a genius to run a deep post route.

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