Friday, October 9th, 2015

White Sox & Ken Williams: Partying Like It’s 1999



ozzieguillenKen Williams can’t get mo money from Mr. Jerry Reinsdorf, so he’s partying like it’s 1999. How so? By signing 2 players that were in their prime back then: Omar Vizquel and Andruw Jones. Those 2 also both played in the infamous “tie game” in 2002 All-Star Game. Is Kenny getting all nostalgic?  Here are a few more All-Star players from back then that Williams might call.

1999: Kenny Lofton and Roberto Alomar

They both played here for the Sox already. Alomar was awful. Lofton is probably still better than the leadoff hitters on either side of town.

2000: James Baldwin, Jim Edmonds, Carl Everett

Everett was a Williams favorite, Edmonds would probably be better than Rios and Baldwin could have a coming home party.

2001: Sammy Sosa

Really, I just want him to bring him back for Spring Training so we can keep a firm update on his “skin rejuvenation” plan.

2002: Eddie Guardado, Kaz Sasaki, Mike Remlinger

Those 3 instantly upgrade the Sox bullpen. This is where we all go cry.

2003: Vernon Wells, Keith Foulke

We need at least one more overpaid Toronto outfielder, and Keith Foulke was awesome.

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