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Monday, June 18th, 2018



Kenny Rogers aka “Dirty Hand”, is headed to the DL with the dreaded tired arm. The tired arm ailment is particularly amusing to me since it mainly occurs during spring training, right after several months of rest and recuperation.

Rogers is a big reason why I think the Tigers will not return to postseason play this year. I still think they will need more offense and I’ll place my bet right now that they will not repeat as the AL team to allow the least runs.

I predict the Indians will score over 900 runs. And while there are legitimate questions about their bullpen, I don’t think it is bad. They don’t have many names down there, but guys like Betancourt, Miller and Fultz are solid pitchers. And I think they will go out and get one if needed. Near the trade deadline there are always solid arms available for the pen, even closers.
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  • http://thewaynefontesexperience.blogspot.com/ Big Al

    Not much in the way of panic over the Gambler’s arm trouble with Tigers fans..Yet. It’s more of a collective holding of breath, keeping a stiff upper lip, so to speak. That’s mainly due to the Tigers using the generic term “Arm fatigue,” as no one in the media is sure what exactly that means. Is is soreness? Sharp pain? Shoulder? Elbow? Too much “Guitar Hero?” No one is talking, as the Tigers won’t be more specific due to the new labor laws in regard to players medical records. Currently, Tigers brass are playing it down, saying they only anticipate him missing 1 start. Still, it is a huge concern in Tigertown.

    What was more surprising was rather than bring up Zach Miner, who performed quite well stepping into then injured Mike Maroth’s rotation spot in 2006, was that Chad Durbin was promoted the pen to the rotation instead. Durbin was Toledo’s best starter in 2006, putting up very good numbers, but he has never performed well at the MLB level.

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    I thought Miner would get the call too. Chad Durbin? Yikes. Bobby Seay? Double Yikes!! But even if the Gambler is healthy can he really post an ERA under 4 again?

  • PB

    Well, it looks like Rogers is gone for three months. Ah well. The Tigs need more offense? Sheffield is hitting bombs mang! If you think the Sox are returning to “the grind” I have a bridge I want to sell you. GO TIGERS MANG! LIONS FIRE MILLEN!

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