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Saturday, July 21st, 2018



Why? Because I won’t let it. And either will some other scribes.

Sports Guy Bill Simmons is the latest to opine on KG.

In his shoes, maybe you or I would have sabotaged our situation already, but that’s what is great about KG: Instead of quitting on a lost cause to force Minnesota’s hand, he just keeps busting his butt and waiting to be saved.

And that’s why someone needs to save him. For the good of the league, David Stern needs to “nudge” McHale and Taylor to make a move. Trade the man to the Bulls or the Clippers or the Lakers, all of whom have the right combination of young players and picks to make a palatable exchange. Stick Garnett in a big market with quality teammates and see what happens. We need to see what he can really do, and so does he.

We are only 11 games in and the Bulls are 3-8. It’s possible the Bulls jel and come back to get over 50 wins. They may even win a playoff season. But if you really want to make a run at it–and you know KG does–will there ever be a better time for the Bulls to make a deal for a superstar? Doubtful.

The Bulls have too many 2s and 3s and have 2 1st round draft picks next year. They are already running into PT problems. There’s not enough minutes for their deep roster. What happens then when the rookies star playing well? Even more problems.

Ben Gordon has value and is the obvious choice to be the centerpiece for a deal. As for the rest of the deal, I leave it up to Pax and McHale or whoever is running things over in Minnesota. I’m not averse to trading Deng now that we have Thomas, and Nocioni is a fan and management favorite.

Whatever it takes, the Bulls have the assets to get it done.

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