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Tuesday, August 14th, 2018



The Sporting News has this interesting nugget as free agency is about to begin for the NBA:

“Word is that, when the NBA free-agent season opens tomorrow morning, the Knicks will reveal their top target: Bulls point guard Chris Duhon, an unrestricted free agent. New York GM Donnie Walsh and coach Mike D’Antoni are expected to meet with Duhon early on Tuesday, when NBA teams are free to contact and woo available players.

Duhon’s agent, Kevin Bradbury, could not concretely confirm the Knicks’ interest. He did say, “Chris’ all-around game could blossom under an offensive coach like Mike D’Antoni. No one knows what will happen at this point, and who knows where things will end up, but the Knicks are a team we would hope would be genuinely interested. Chris is only 25, so he has room to grow.”

Makes some sense considering they have a bunch of shooters out there. Duhon was always a stabilizing player for the Bulls, and turned out to be a much better pro than I ever thought he would be. He shoots the 3 well and does not turn over the ball a lot. He can get to the basket a bit. He’s a willing defender. He definitely has his uses.

The article also mentions a possible sign and trade and there are many options available to explore for both the Knicks and Bulls. It’s still possible the Bulls could move Deng, Gordon, Duhon, Nocioni, Hughes, Tyrus Thomas or Gooden. Did I miss anyone? Let the trades begin. I’m anxious to see how Pax sorts all of this out.

  • http://www.docksquadsports.com Vik C

    Nice post. I think Paxson’s job starts tomorrow man. Let’s see what he can do to shape up our roster.

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    Agreed. The easy part is done. Now let’s see how creative he can be in moving some of this talent he acquired. He certainly was excellent at dumping salary. Now let’s see if he can swing any sign and trades.

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  • dhaab

    Um, how do the Bulls trade a player who is an unrestricted free agent?

    Also, Duhon is nothing but a back up NBA point guard. He has his moments, but he’s never been consistent.

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