Wednesday, October 7th, 2015

Who knew. Willie Mays started out his career in a 1-26 funk. Even the greats can start their careers with a rough ride. But obviously that didn’t last long, as Mays became perhaps the most complete player that baseball has ever seen. In Willie Mays: The Life, the Legend, James S. Hirsch gives readers a […]

In our top story tonight…Chicago anchorwoman looks much like a vampire. Actually, she’s a very pretty woman. But she does the news at night for a reason.

I’m all for a little snark here and there, but ripping on a player and his team just minutes after news of his death hits the net? Too soon, to be sure. The wisdom of Homer Simpson would come in handy for these insensitive keyboardists. As Homer said to Bart, “Bart you say these things […]

How awesome is this? And what is wrong with these people?!

John Daly looks a lot different in this recent photo. Big John says he has lost 116 pounds, and his new reality show “Being John Daly” will premiere on the Golf Channel on March 2nd. The show focuses in part on Daly’s attempts to get his life back together. Looks as if he is off […]

Nick Saban couldn’t be more annoyed with this Gatorade Shower Fail. He gets hit in the head with the bucket and looks like it takes all his will to not lose it and go off.

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