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Saturday, July 21st, 2018



Hi Lou-

I know you’ll be coming by Zoner Sports quite a bit to get your fill of snark, banality and managerial tips, so I’ll keep it short for now.

Welcome. We’re so excited you are here. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but I read this today about Mark Prior’s readiness for spring training, which is 4 months away:

“That’s to be determined,” said O’Neal, who also got a two-year contract extension Tuesday.The Cubs revealed Tuesday that Mark Prior was sent to orthopedic specialist James Andrews on Monday to get a second opinion on his chronically ailing right shoulder.

Andrews found Prior has some “looseness” in his shoulder joints that trainer Mark O’Neal said was genetic.

Hmmm. Sounds kind of fishy.

One other thing that I think caught most of us by surprise was your ringing endorsement of Larry Rothschild. I’m just checking to make sure you didn’t err. Maybe you thought they asked about Morgan Fairchild, or all those lights were too bright (you were having a Broadcast News moment there), or you had a bad flashback of Jeanne Zelasko’s terrible on-set flatulence.

Reading that Rothschild will be the one working with Prior on his mechanics is kind of like having George Bush pen a new Bill of Rights–I don’t think we want that.

But for now, you have our utmost trust and support. I was pleased that you mentioned yesterday that it’s important for hitters to get ahead in the count and work the count so they are getting strikes to hit. That’s a striking difference in philosophy from the last guy. As a good friend of mine once said: “A walk is not an out”.


The Zoner

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