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Wednesday, August 15th, 2018



I doubt I can fathom the loss, grief and searing pain the Lidle family has felt since that October day in 2006 when Cory Lidle died in a plane crash. And while I may not (or any of us for that matter) have all of the details, there is something else I can’t understand: Why the Lidle family is suing the plane maker for $45 million.

Lidle’s widow, Melanie, is suing Cirrus Design Corp., the manufacturer of the plane that her husband was in when he crashed and died on October 11, 2006. She’s asking for more than $50 million, and the New York Post reports that his agent is claiming that Lidle would have made $45 million in salary from playing and coaching baseball.

Jordan Feagan may have a bit of an inflated sense of his own abilities as an agent. Lidle would have been 35 years old before the 2007 season, had never made more than $3.3 million in a season and was as average a pitcher as you could find in the major leagues.

The Lidle’s are also being sued by people from the building that was hit by the plane Lidle was flying. So perhaps there is a need for money. But wouldn’t insurance cover those suits? If they could prove the plane manufacturer was at fault those suits would then go away. The NTSB, however, ruled that pilot error was the cause of the crash. Just a sad story.

  • Arthur Cheng

    Corey Lidle was a great man. His memories as a baseball player transends the cyyoung award. His great split ball pitches always hit its mark as a strike out. He never biched about a bad day at the ball field. His ex-teamates sucha as barry zito, bobby abreau, a-rod, Jetter, and other yankee superstars all know that Cory was one of the best up and commers as they call it in afterlife, that he would succceed players of the same calibur such as Al-Duke, Roger (give me more steriods) Clemons, Maddoux, and other fellow Cy-Young winners along side Cory. His beautiful wife (i better not get carried away there) and his underage son, Christopher Lidle, and daughter, all knew of his great abiltites to do good in this God created world. Cory once said as a Blue Jay as a stint in T.O>. (for the lame man this T.O. means not tereall owens but TOronto) “nobody such as YOU (AYC) knows toronto such as me” For we all know Cory knows toronto. The lies of lies is is that cory was not a good base on ball’s bet. Seldom did he win a game. Cory was born on Oct. 11 1972, 72 being the year he was born, 72 being the year he did not make it too, 72 not 27, and 72, the losses us baseball fans could not put up with anymore. So by golly good riddens cory 3 time cy young recipeint.

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