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Monday, July 23rd, 2018



Hat tip to The Sporting Blog.

  • http://puppetgov.com dhaab

    Well, the only reason Molina got hurt was because Lilly kneed him in the thigh. But, yeah, that’s embarrassing.

    Still, gotta wonder what a pitcher is thinking doing something like that. Trust me, Lilly’s time will come.

  • Big D

    What are you talking about? Even the Cardinal announcers agree it was a clean play. Lilly’s flying down the line, I doubt he was thinking where to put his knee. But I wouldn’t put it past the “Delicate Genius” to retaliate anyway.

  • http://puppetgov.com dhaab

    Some of you Cubs fans have serious issues. Delicate genius? Good Lord.

    I was just commenting that any pitcher who tries to barrel over a catcher will eventually get some payback. I never said it was an illegal play.

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    Why would he get payback on a clean, solid baseball play?

  • http://puppetgov.com dhaab

    Well, he would if I were managing, but that won’t ever happen. :)

  • PB

    Molina= owned. FIRE MILLEN MANG!

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