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Machida knocked out of MMA top-10 list

Saturday, July 21st, 2018

Machida knocked out of MMA top-10 list


If losing a close split decision to Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson at UFC 123 wasn’t bad enough, Lyoto Machida has now found out he’s been dislodged from the MMA’s (mixed martial arts) top-10 pound-for-pound fighters list. Former UFC light heavyweight champion Machida came close to beating Jackson at UFC 123 in Auburn, Hills Michigan on Nov. 20th, but ended up dropping a split decision even though he completely dominated Jackson in the last third of the fight.

However, it ended up being a classic case of too little too late as two of the three judges scored the three-round bout in favour of Jackson. This is because he built up a points lead in the first two rounds due to his aggressiveness. He may not have had Machida in any trouble, but he forced the action.

Machida’s now been bumped from the top-10 list due to his loss. That may seem a little unfair in the eyes of many fans, especially the ones who thought Machida won the fight. But now Dominick Cruz, the WEC bantamweight champion, has taken Machida’s place on the honours list as he enters it in the number 10 spot. Cruz earned a spot on the top-10 list due to his victory over Joseph Benavidez back in August. Cruz beat him in a rematch of an earlier fight by posting a close five-round split decision.

At the moment, the greatest middleweight in UFC history, Anderson Silva, is still at the number one position on the MMA pound-for-pound list. Silva has been one of the best and most dominant fighters over the past several years. He’s also won seven straight fights in his division and is looked up to by most MMA fighters as being the undisputed top MMA artist in the world. Silva is likely to enter the octagon again at UFC 126 to defend his title against Vitor Belfort.

The number two spot on the list is taken by Georges St. Pierre of Quebec, Canada. St. Pierre beat Josh Kosheck by a unanimous decision in august of 2007 and will take him on in a rematch at UFC 124 in his home province as the fight takes place at the Bell Centre in Montreal on Dec. 11th.

The rest of the MMA top-10 list is as follows. Number three-Jose Aldo, number four -Frankie Edgar, number five-Jon Fitch, number six-Mauricio Rua, number seven-Jake Shields, number eight-Rashad Evans, number nine-Gilbert Melendez, and number 10 is Cruz.

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