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Monday, July 23rd, 2018



This could be a very enjoyable postseason. If the Mets win tonight it will be a beautiful thing. Go Mets! If the Cardinals choke I would be thrilled! Some other thoughts…

–The difference between this year’s Bears and last year’s Bears? It might not matter if Rex Grossman gets hurt or stinks up the field. Brian Griese is more than capable of leading this team to victory. It’s the running game that has me concerned.

–Here come the Hawks! After 6 games the Hawks are in 1st place. no team in the West has scored more than the Hawks. And that’s weird. They also won a 2-1 game against a solid Canadien team last night. Khabibulin was stellar and is said to have been playing like the old “Bulin Wall”. I still won’t pay $75 to see them, but they have piqued my interest and I’ll be watching. Marty Havlat already has 7 goals.

Mike Downey writes in today’s Trib:

If next season Piniella does not deliver us to Valhalla, it would behoove the Cubs to conclude: “We can lose just as easily with a low-pay team as with a high-pay one.” Save a fortune, dump those gaudy salaries and give the rookies a shot.

I don’t disagree. There’s just one problem with that. The Cubs do not have a fruitful farm system. And mark it down–what they do have will be traded away for a “veteran star”.

The Lou Pinella era could be exciting. There could be a lot of big names coming to play for the Cubs. But unless the farm system is built up, the vicious cycle shall keep on keeping on.

Go Mets!

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  • http://courtjester.livejournal.com Mike O’Donnell

    Just between you and me, I was “GO METS”ing all night last night. Carlos Beltran should be ashamed of himself.
    It was like watching Beowulf wet his pants over a kitten.

    I hope the Cards choke and burn. What in the #$%# was Jeff Suppan all about?????
    And %$#@(n’ Jeff Weaver??????!!?!??!?!?!

    I hate St. Louis.

    St. Louis.

    Hate them.

    Worse than the &(*)#*$% Astros.

    Thanks for letting me vent. I’ll go repent now.

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    No you won’t. Cause repenting is turning or having a change of heart about something. You’re still gonna hate the Cards and Stros, maybe just not with all those crazy symbols.

    Go Tigers!

  • http://courtjester.livejournal.com Mike O’Donnell

    I meant about those crazy symbols, not about hating the cards and stros.

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    oh. well then. go and sin no more.

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