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Sunday, June 24th, 2018

MLB Represents Old Media Very Well


bud selig2

MLB is old school. And I don’t mean that in a good way.

The other day I posted the video of the father that caught a foul ball at the Phillies game and gave it to his little girl. She promptly threw it right back into the field. MLB could have had thousands of bloggers provide free marketing for them. Instead, they claimed their copyright and took down the video.

It was a perfect example of how to let bloggers market the game for them, a cute video of a father and daughter enjoying a game. The NBA lets you post videos and the NFL actually sent out a PR about a new highlight-cutter they have made available for fans, with bloggers able to embed the videos that they cut on their sites.

The NHL has also entered into the world of new media. Last year I read more stories and saw more videos and promotion for the NHL than I have in years. Why? They get it.

But all MLB does is lose free marketing. The casual fanis going to watch their network or visit their website to try and find these types of videos. You’d think they’d be for anything that might get people to forget about all the steroid fakers and how each year only a few teams have a shot at winning it all. But they are stuck in the old media world.

I really don’t care that the video was taken down from my site. But I love the game of baseball. And the game has to sell itself. When I drive around during the summer and see more kids playing soccer than baseball I’m puzzled. And sad. Baseball was my first love.

Baseball reminds me of the backward-thinking that took place with the Chicago Blackhawks for many years. The new era of management there totally gets it and the Blackhawks are again a story here in Chicago. Will MLB get it? Not yet.

  • bigyaz

    They want you to link to their site, so they get the traffic, which seems reasonable. Bottom-feeders like you think you’re doing everyone a favor by lifting their content so you can draw the traffic to your own site.

  • http://winthetrophy.com Chris Cairns

    Not surprising. Time for a new commish.

  • http://zonersports.com Zoner

    Bottom-feeders–funny. The whole point is that casual fans aren’t going to go to their site, watch their ads and then get to the video. If it’s good enough for the other 3 big leagues, they must see something you don’t.

    MLB can get more than a little website traffic out of this. But they are short-sighted. That’s why baseball is no longer the true national pastime.

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