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Sunday, June 24th, 2018



So Barry Bonds has tested positive for amphetimines. Yawn. But here’s the real story:

“Last night was the first time we heard of this recent accusation against Barry Bonds,” the Giants said in the statement. “Under Major League Baseball’s collective bargaining agreement with the Major League Baseball Players Association, clubs are not notified after a player receives a first positive test for amphetamines.”

I think that’s rich. I want to be a member in that union. You can break the rules, break the law and your employer is not informed–until you do it again. Imagine if we had rules like that at our jobs–or better yet at home with the wife and family!

So now Bonds has been busted for uppers–I assume–and then there’s that small matter of roids and then perjuring himself to a grand jury.

Kicked out of the game? Suspended? Nope. A sparkly new contract worth $16 million. Unreal. Also unreal are the words of Omar Vizquel:

“There are so many substances out there right now you don’t know what you should take or what you should not. Right now, I’m afraid to take vitamins for the same reason. You don’t know what’s going to be positive or what’s going to be negative.”

Omar, I would guess that illegal drugs don’t make the cut on that list. Feel free to go ahead and read up on the matter.

The bottom line is that MLB and the players union simply ignore every problem until they’re called on it. And then they just scratch the public’s itchy ears. Meanwhile, get yourself ready for the big celebration when Barry takes the “Trot of Shame” after he hits 756! Yay!

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  • http://www.windycitysportsblog.com WindyCitySportsBlog.com

    Even funnier, this man one day will make the hall of fame ballot and get voted in. Just like McGwire, it will take about 10 to 15 years, but new voters will be in charge and may oversee these faults and elect them based on pure numbers. Where has McGwire been? Sosa? Rafael Palmeiro has disappeared faster than a target on a mob list.

    Bonds to baseball (and professional sports) is like the USSR to the United States. A mean, unfriendly man and one of the most pretentious and disgraceful athletes to the media. What excuse does he have now? I just hope he gets federally indicted and formally charged so he as an offical and undeniable record against him forever so there is no dispute as to why he definitely shouldn’t be in Cooperstown.

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    Sorry, if you’re going to come to my blog you have to tell us how you really feel. =0p Excellent view.

    Meanwhile, the writers of book “Game of Shadows” face jail time for revealing leaked grand jury testimony.

  • http://www.brssports.blogspot.com WBRS Sports Blog

    Wow that really is funny. That union is quite strong!

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