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Tuesday, August 14th, 2018



10.   Cou-turn: It’s the return of The Natural.  Dana White says everything is cool between the two.  Randy, you’ve been missed so much you and your 45 year-old body get to face the specimen of man in Brock Lesnar.  Can you say potential Natural Disaster?

9.  Another Welcome Back: Dennis Kang it’s good to see you win again after your TKO victory at SpiritMC.  I almost, and I say almost, forgot about you.  It seems like forever when you were considered a Top Ten fighter.  Actually, that was just a year ago.  Time flies when you lose, huh?

8. Sweet Swing: So Chuck Liddell ate a big one from Rashad Evans.  Those lazy boxing habits get exploited again.  Who throws uppercuts from that far out?  Chuck put it best afterwards, the path to the belt just got longer.   It’s more like his road to the title got re-routed.

7.  Man Drama: KJ Noons has fought more war of the words than actual battles inside the cage lately.  Snoop should write a song:  With so much drama in Elite X-C it’s kinda hard bein’…

6.   More Drama: Up and coming heavyweight fighter Brett Rogers is pissed about not getting a shot at Kimbo now.  In a year you’ll be happier when ProElite folds and he makes his way to the UFC.

5.  Ken vs Kimbo: It’s a shame I have to waste web space on mentioning this fight, a headliner for EliteXC’s next CBS event.  After casual fans saw Ken Shamrock get destroyed by Tito Ortiz and finished by Rich Franklin do you really think they’ll care about him fighting Kimbo?  This card isn’t going to be enough to sway viewers from MLB playoffs if the Cubs are on that night.)  Plus Ohio State and USC on the CFB front are in action on primetime.   Like I said, will these guys be around next year?

4.   UFC on CBS: They’re talking again.  It seems CBS still sees a true future in the sport of mixed martial, err the sport of Ultimate Fighting?  I mean c’mon let’s be real, there are UFC fans and there are MMA fans.  Don’t be mad at the truth…  the MMA world is the UFC and everyone else.

3.  Toys: My toy wishlist just expanded when the JAKKS made announcement of more MMA action figures and playsets of UFC, WEC and Pride personalities.  Will there be a police chase Rampage Jackson action set be complete with dented cars?   When do we get the anatomically correct Ariel?

2.  Bring Home the Canadian Bacon:  Another victory for mainstreaming MMA:  Canadian promotion TKO Championship Fighting inks a deal with network TKS.  The added exposure should help educate those north of the border who are ignorant about the great sport of MMA.

1.  Death Wish, of sorts:  Randy/Fedor down the line under the UFC could be an option.  Remember the WAMMA champ is under contract with Affliction.  Now how many of you hardcore fans are actually hoping to see the promotion of trendy T-shirts bite it see you can see the two celebrated heavyweights get at each other sooner than later.

  • http://www.bowtiebetting.com Matt D.

    Forget Tito and Franklin. How can somebody who was defeated by Robert “Buzz” Berry be the headliner of any venue other than a high school gymnasium?

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