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Tuesday, August 14th, 2018

My man Don Abato is back with the latest installment of “The MMA Ten”. In this edition, he lets loose on BJ, talks GSP and the Spider and wonders about Jens Pulver. 10. Greason, I mean reason 1: BJ Penn’s camp may file a complaint GSP greased w/ Vaseline during the fight.   Vaseline wasn’t the reason […]

The legendary Don Abato is back with “The MMA Ten”. This week, Don cracks wise and brings the knowledge. Just like every edition… 10. First Let’s Clear This Up: KJ Noons, one of the top guys in the now defunct EliteXC, says he is NOT signing with the UFC. Internet reports of such are rumor […]

10. Junie Love – I’ve tried to avoid writing about this guy cuz his act reeks of TV whore tactics.  But ya gotta admit between the colored hair and sharp combos he looked like a little Shawn Thompkins in the Octagon against David Kaplan in the TUF 8 finale.  And I’m not just saying this because […]

10.  What A De-Boo: The UFC’s first ever event in the Land of Lincoln was “boo-tiful.”  This is not a good thing.  The audience voiced it’s displeasure with everything.  Too much ground in the Clementi/Maynard fight, lots of striking but no KO in the Sherk/Griffin fight, Anderson Silva clowning around with Patrick Cote and carrying […]

10. Shamrock Legacy: Frankie called out his half-bro Ken for tainting the Shamrock Legacy.  Is that the legacy where you are a self-titled elite fighter who successfully avoids fighting the top middleweights of the world?  Or is it something else? 9. Gina’s Weigh-In: The MMA message boards lit up when word got out Gina Carano […]

10. 5 Wasted Minutes: Kimbo appeared on the popular ESPN talker Pardon the Interuption in the “5 Good Minutes” segment and it was obvious host Tony Kornheiser was dis-interested. Kimbo gets a laugh trying to suggest anyone out there really believes James Thompson is a top rated heavyweight. 9. Crocop’s Nuts: Overeem’s nut shots were […]

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