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Tuesday, August 14th, 2018

More Proof That Celtics Fans Are Delusional


You probably didn’t need any more examples of why Celtics fans are delusional, but they keep pouring them out there for all of us to see. Here is a pic and some proof from Red’s Army.

Ladies and Gentlemen… we have ourselves a mark.

Quentin Richardson.

We need a chant.

We need signs.

We need ideas.

We need to make this man’s life a living hell.

You messed with us, Quentin Richardson.  And g——-t, we’re not going to stand for it.  Celtics fans… this is our calling.  This is our time.  This is why we’re the best fans in the world.

25 years from now… when ESPN 25 is tracking people down to celebrate the anniversary of the 18th Celtics championship, they will need to track down the key players from throughout the series.  They will need to find Quentin Richardson.

Wow. If the Celtics win the championship I’d never watch the NBA again because there would obviously have to be some sort of fix. And the “Public Enemy” poster of Richardson is totally over the top, much like most of KG’s antics. Make his life a living hell? I wonder what they would do if Q was the player that threw the elbow?

There’s nothing better than true fans, yet nothing worse than those that are blinded by allegiance. Even longtime KG fans and supporters have realized KG has turned into the ass of the NBA. From Ball Don’t Lie:

There was the woofing from the Boston bench during the playoffs last season, an embarrassing display. There’s the incessant trash talking and harrassment sent the way of — yeah, I’ll say it — European players almost as a rule. There was the time he made Glen Davis cry on national TV because he wasn’t happy with Davis’ defensive rotations in a game the C’s were up 20. There’s just the perpetual displays of emotion and rage and over-wrought warrior-isms, and it’s tiring.

Amen and amen. It’s a shame because I saw Garnett play here at Farragut and I loved him when he entered the league. People called him soft and I said no way — he’s just on a lousy team. I’m glad he got a ring — I think all great players deserve one — but after the last few years it’s just impossible to like him. Seems like only Celtics fans refuse to admit this.

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