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Sunday, June 24th, 2018

Movies That Stop Channel Surfing


I usually have a loaded DVR as well as my Netflix subscription. But sometimes I end up mindlessly channel surfing. If I find these movies while I’m surfing, I’m staying right there. Add your favorites in the comments.


Great Line: “I feel like I’m taking crazy pills! I invented the piano key necktie, I invented it! What have you done, Derek? You’ve done nothing! NOTHIIIING!”

More clips and great lines after the jump…

Johnny Dangerously

Great Line: “Summa cum laude. Magna cum laude. The radio’s too laude. Adeste fidelis.”


Great Line: “I hear this place is restricted, Wang, so don’t tell ‘em you’re Jewish, okay?”

Austin Powers: Goldmember

Great Line: “A shmoke und a pancake. You know, a flapjack und a shigarette? No? Shigar und a waffle? No? Pipe und a crepe? No? Bong und a blintz? No? Well, then there ish no pleashing you.”

Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby

Great Line: “I mean you walk in that door, on your two legs… all fat and cocky and lookin at me in my chair. And you tell me its all in my head? I hope that both of you have sons… Handsome, beautiful, articulate sons, who are talented and star athletes and they have their legs taken away. I mean I pray you know that pain and that hurt.”

  • R

    C’mon….How can The Blues Brothers not be on this list?

  • http://zonersports.com Zoner

    Worthy addition, especially since it was filmed here in Chicago. But since I only listed 5, there are plenty of omissions.

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