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Saturday, July 21st, 2018



Only the Bulls could create such a stir about NOT hiring a coach. It’s made for some great opinion. Which doesn’t necessarily mean I agree with all of it, but it sure is fun to read.

Over at MVN.com, Ed Ziti has written a tremendous column entitled “The Crying of the Bulls“. “John Paxson is the Teflon GM as nothing negative sticks to this guy. He and Reinsdorf put out propaganda to cover their inadequacies and people in Chicago buy it like nickel beer. When (Reinsdorf) says he won’t deal with D’Antoni’s agent, why not Jerry? Do you think he might leak it to the press like your low ball offers to Phil Jackson a few years ago?”

Here in Chicago, Tremendous Upside Potential calls the Bulls “ridiculously incompetent“. “Consider this: in the course of nine months, the Bulls had the best player and the best coach without a title in the league practically begging to come. That should have been it. It should have been a done deal. With Kobe and D’Antoni, the Bulls are the NBA’s most exciting team.”

Indignant Sports lays it out nicely: “The Knicks put a serious offer on the table.  The Bulls wanted to talk to other people.  If it was D’Antoni’s preference to coach the Bulls, and plenty of insiders think it was, the Bulls might have been able to just match his $4.25M contract and get the deal done. Did the Bulls do that?  No.  They said “we’ll think about it.”  Let’s see… $6M/year on the table or waiting to see if a notoriously tight-fisted organization decided to make a possibly low-ball offer at a later date?”.

One of my responses to all of the D’Antoni hubbub was that I must have missed all of those Suns championships. But it’s the methodlogy of the Bulls that really angers people. If D’Antoni was their guy, then just go get him. That’s what the Knicks did. And money always seems to be a factor too. Remember when Skiles almost bailed before he got his just due? Money should never be an issue for the Bulls. They haven’t won much in a decade but the place has always been packed and the ratings on both radio and TV solid.

So will it be Avery? Tom Thiboadeau? Tom Tuttle, Tacoma, Washington? Let’s just hope that Head Coach is only the first of several personnel moves the Bulls will be making this offseason.

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  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    Nobody has any Bulls thoughts????

  • dhaab

    I don’t think many folks care all that much about the Bulls right now. Especially at this time of the year. It’s a team with pretty much no direction and most are probably losing interest because of that.

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