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Monday, July 16th, 2018



Now that Bradley is officially a Cub, here’s my version of what I think the lineup should look like, mostly against RHP:

  1. SS Theriot
  2. 1B Lee
  3. RF Bradley
  4. LF Soriano
  5. 3B Ramirez
  6. C Soto
  7. 2B Fontenot
  8. CF Fukudome


  • Schmidty

    Lee in the two-hole? Hmmm…not sure how I like that. I’d almost think of flipping Lee and Ramirez since A-Ram seems to hit better than Lee deep in the count. But, I suppose you don’t like to see Ramirez lose his RBI chances either. I think the bottom line is they’re lacking in a good potential player in that spot of the order that still fits the need to deal with the lefty/righty combos. Honestly, if Fukodome figures out how he hit in the first two months of the ’08 season, HE’S your guy in that spot.

  • PV

    Really? Soriano 4th? Lee 2nd? This is more likely, IMHO, with Theriot odd man out.

    1. SS Miles S
    2. 2B Fontenot L
    3. 1B Lee R
    4. RF Bradley S
    5. 3B Ramirez R
    6. LF Soriano R
    7. CF Fukodome L
    8. C Soto R

    I admit that trying to keep a L-R thing going makes it a little awkward in the middle and bottom, but I think it’s closer to what we’ll see.

  • http://notqualifiedtocomment.blogspot.com/ Stormin Norman

    One problem…who are you going to get to convince Fonzi not to bat leadoff. I wish whoever it is the best of luck

  • JKDilla

    What? I though Lou was standing by his position to keep Soriano leadoff. LOL at Fukudome starting at CF. He remains in Lou’s doghouse. And Miles is making too much not to start at 2B.

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    No doubt. That’s why it’s my version. Who knows if Lou is hip.

    I think batting Fonz in between Bradley and Ramirez makes the most sense. Bradley kills RHP, so if they bring in a lefty Soriano gets that pitcher or they have to make a change. Ramirez is good with men on base/in scoring position (over 1.000 OPS last year), so if Fonz starts hacking and whiffing Ramirez will be there–and Soto–to help clean it up. Hitting him there should also give him more opportunities to drive in runs.

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    For some reason not all comments are approving right away, so i just saw these other ones.

    PV, I did say that would be my version. If Miles is the starting SS and batting leadoff then I am so done with Cubs. That would be ridiculous. Also–Soto 8th? I find that insane. The whole L/R thing is a bit overrated. How dominant was the Cubs offense last year?

    Schmidty- Lee is no longer a power hitter. He works counts, gets on base, has some pop. He’s not a 3, that’s for sure. And I think I am the only Fukudome backer in all of Chicago. I still think he will be a good player. He certainly is good defensively and he works pitchers and gets on base.

    Theriot had over 250 (!) hits plus walks last year. Why he wouldn’t be in the lineup is beyond me. I really don’t know how else to say that Miles is not a starter.

  • dhaab

    Soriano hitting anywhere but leadoff is a pipe dream.

    Why do you continue to believe in Fukodome, Zoner? After all, he’ll be 32 years old this season and he’s obviously past his prime. Could it be you want your preseason prediction from last season that he “may already be the best Cubs hitter” to somehow miraculously come true. (that’s still so funny to think about now)

    And believe it or not, Miles will start quite a few games for the Cubs this year. My prediction is he’ll be missing the fans of St. Louis very quickly. :)

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    Oh I believe it about Miles. I just don’t want to see it.

    There are some things that won’t change about Fukudome: he’s still the best defensive outfielder we have. He still works counts/pitches and gets on base. When you take into account his first months, his career in Japan, and the other 1st years of Japanese players, I believe in him. It has nothing to do with any prediction I might have made. I want what is best for the Cubs. Right now in CF I think he is the best option.

  • dhaab

    No doubt, Fukodome is the Cubs best option in CF right now. I just don’t think he’ll be anything but a .265 hitter with little power.

  • iamright

    This should be the line up

    LF Soriano (His numbers suffer anywhere else in the line-up)
    SS Theriot (Had the Highest Batting average on the Team Last season)
    RF Bradley (Switch hitter, .321 batting average, no more double plays!)
    3B Ramirez (Clutch RBI man, Will have another breakout sesaon)
    1B Lee (Getting older, and is the Double Play King of the world!)
    C Fontenot (Fontenot can hit period.)
    2B Soto (Pop at the bottom of the order)
    CF Fukudome (should be hitting second if he can find his swing, untill then…)

    I would also say that Bradley and Ramirez could be flip floped in the order. They need to be where they are comfortable.
    Lee is a terrible Three hitter time to move down the order. He can still protect other hitters.

    I like our team!! Go Cubs!

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    I like it–if Soriano is stuck at the top again. I like our team too!

  • The Taylor

    1. Soriano, LF
    2. Theriot, SS
    3. Bradley, CF
    4. Ramirez, 3B
    5. Lee, 1B
    6. Soto, C
    7. Fontenot, 2B
    8. Fukudome, RF
    9. Pitcher Spot

  • sam

    thats a really dumb lineup, this is the lineup that i think its going to be, if not its pretty damn close 1) Soriano 2) Theriot 3) Bradley 4) Ramirez 5) Lee 6) Soto 7) Fontenot 8) Johnson/Fukudome 9) Pitcher

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